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Language Testing International LTI

Language Testing International (LTI) allows students to demonstrate proficiency in languages.  LTI offers additional language proficiency exams beyond CLEP’s options of French, Spanish, and German (see list below). 

  • Credit is aligned with demonstrated proficiency via writing proficiency test (WPT) and oral proficiency (OPI/OPIc) exams. 
  • Writing and oral exams are administered separately; both are required for credit equivalency. 
  • Students may be awarded up to a maximum of 12 credits based on testing outcomes (see table below). 

Supported OPI and WPT Exams

  • Albanian (OPI – live version) & (Booklet form only for WPT) 
  • Arabic (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • Cantonese Chinese (OPI – live version) & (WPT)
  • Mandarin Chinese (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • English (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • French (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • German (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • Greek (Modern) (OPI – live version) & (WPT) 
  • Haitian Creole (OPI – live version) & (Booklet form only for WPT) 
  • Hebrew (OPI – live version) & (Booklet form only for WPT) 
  • Hindi – (OPI – live version) & (WPT)
  • Italian – (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • Japanese – (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • Korean (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • Persian Farsi (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • Polish (OPI – live version) & (WPT)
  • European Portuguese (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • Russian (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • Spanish (OPIc) & (WPT)
  • Turkish (OPI – live version) & (WPT)
  • Vietnamese (OPI – live version) & (WPT)


online testing computer lab

File an Off-Campus Study Approval Form

Step 1

If you are a matriculated student at SUNY Oswego and intend to have the score sent to SUNY Oswego, you must file an Off-Campus Study Approval Form prior to taking the LTI exam in order to ensure you will receive credit as expected.  Your advisor must review and sign this form before submitting it to the Registrar’s Office.  It is your responsibility to register for and take the correct exam(s).  For additional information, call the Division of Extended Learning at 315.312.2270.

online testing computer lab

Schedule Testing Appointment

Step 2

Contact the testing coordinator in the Division of Extended Learning to request an appointment to test.

online testing computer lab

Pay the Oswego Testing Fee

Step 3

Pay the SUNY Oswego testing fee.  After you have agreed upon a testing session, please pay the testing fee.  This payment needs to be complete at least 48 hours prior to the testing session or your appointment will be cancelled. 

PLEASE NOTE: OPIs cancelled less than 24 hours before scheduled start time will be billed $55


computer lab

Day Of Testing Appointment

Step 4

Arrive for your testing appointment at the scheduled time.

You will need to bring a valid government issued photo ID (drivers license, passport).  



TI-Language Testing International Credit Table

Scoring (OPI and WPT)


Oswego Course Equivalents

Novice High


FL 101

Intermediate Low


FL 101, FL 102

Intermediate Mid


FL 101, FL 102, FL 201

Intermediate High


FL 101, FL102, FL 201, FL202

Location & Parking

LTI's are administered on SUNY Oswego's main campus at the Testing Center located at Sheldon Hall, Suite 314.  

If you are not a SUNY Oswego student you will need to purchase a temporary parking pass for $1.00 at the parking office.

Campus Map