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English for Academic Purposes & U.S. Culture for International Students

SUNY Oswego offers language and cultural support for our international students to help ensure success in the classroom and beyond.  


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English For Academic Purposes

This program is for undergraduate and graduate students as well as exchange students hoping to improve and develop their academic English skills. Each three-credit course counts as an Arts and Science elective towards graduation in most undergraduate majors. Students with lower incoming ESL scores have priority in registering for EAP courses. If there are available seats, the EAP classes will be made available to other international students.


US Culture for International Students

This one credit course is designed to provide knowledge and understanding of American culture for international students to ease their transition into a completely new academic and social environment.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Minimum required score to enroll in undergraduate degree programs (Will be recommended to take 1- 3 EAP courses)

  • TOEFL iBT = 71
  • IELTS = 6.0

You are ready to take all academic courses 

  • TOEFL iBT = 79+
  • IELTS = 6.5+ 

* Students also have the opportunity to register in SUNY Oswego's Summer Intensive English Program to improve their academic English skills. Coursework will be eligible for college credit.

Course Descriptions

ENG 101 Composition I - International
  • This course is designed to develop fundamental writing skills, especially for those students with little experience in writing.
  • The course emphasizes sentence, paragraph, essay structure  as well as standard American conventions of grammar, punctuation and spelling.
ENG 102 Composition II - International
  • This course is designed to instruct the student in rhetorical modes and the basic techniques of expository prose, in critical reading, and in research methods.
ENG 103 Advanced Listening Comprehension
  • This course focuses on developing listening skills necessary for success in a U.S. academic setting.
  • Students learn strategies for listening to academic lectures, practice note-taking skills, and participate in fast-paced classroom discussions.
ENG 104 Advanced Reading
  • This course focuses on increasing reading speed and comprehension of academic written texts and vocabulary.
  • Exercises, discussions, and note-taking assignments are used to critically analyze academic texts.
ENG 105 Advanced Spoken English
  • This course provides a structured opportunity to develop fluency in spoken English.
  • Class members study and practice speaking skills needed in a U.S. academic setting as well as in U.S. society in general.
GST 270 U.S. Culture for International Students
  • This one credit credit bearing course is designed to provide knowledge and understanding of American culture for international students attending an American college to ease their transition into a completely new academic and social environment.
  • The course is recommended for first semester Freshman and exchange international students.
  • The course is designed to develop the following skills for success in students' academic and social life in the United States:
  1. The knowledge of campus resources to utilize for academic and social success;
  2. understanding of general American academic standards and expectations, including integrity policies and plagiarism;
  3. interpretation of American (informal and formal) cultural communications and social scenarios appropriately;
  4. comparison of American political system and its place in world;
  5. knowledge about American education, culture and society in order to perform successfully in the American classroom and at campus events;
  6. evaluation and response appropriately to cultural diversity particularly across the issues of class, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, religion, and race;
  7. understanding of Americans’ belief in freedom of choice; good understanding of American Holidays and traditions.

*All students who take EAP or GST270 classes will be assigned a secondary advisor for support in ESL related academic challenges or challenges in communication with faculty due to language proficency or cultural differences for the rest of their academic journey at SUNY Oswego.


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