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High School Programs

SUNY Oswego in the High School

SUNY Oswego in the High School is a cooperative program between SUNY Oswego and participating high schools in New York State. The program allows highly motivated, academically eligible, high school junior and senior students to earn college credit in their own high school at a reduced cost.  SUNY Oswego academic departments approve courses and instructors.

New Vision Program*

New Vision Program is a competitive, rigorous, immersion-based program for high school seniors interested in exploring a career in allied health and other specialized fields.  This program is offered by CiTi  for high school seniors enrolled in Oswego County school districts.  CiTi and SUNY Oswego partner to allow New Vision students to earn 12 SUNY Oswego credits by taking a series of college courses taught by credentialed CiTi instructors. Starting this year New Vision students are eligible for reduced lunches.   

*partial payment has to be received by Dec. 1st, full payment is due by April 15th


Pay  your program fee

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New Students Start Here


If you are taking a SUNY Oswego in the High School Program course for the first time complete the below steps.

Step 1 Complete the High School Programs Application. For new users please use an email you check frequently when completing the application process.

Step 2 After your application is submitted you will have access to your applicant portal. SUNY Oswego will also send you a confirmation email.  

STEP 3 Follow the instructions in this email. The email contains your nine digit SUNY Oswego student ID number and a link needed to activate your SUNY Oswego email & obtain your Laker NetID (this may not be immediate) so you can register for the class offered at your high school.

STEP 4 Go To Registration Step 2.

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Returning Students Start Here


If this is not your first time taking a SUNY Oswego in the High School Program course, do not complete the application.

Step 1 If you haven't already, Activate SUNY Oswego email and obtain Laker NetID

Step 2 Use your LAKER NetID to login to MyOswego and register for classes.  Choose Current Students, Faculty, and Staff Single Login. If you forgot your Laker NetID you can reset it. Go to You will need your SUNY Oswego student ID number and birthdate to reset. If you do not have the ID number email the high school programs coordinator at [email protected].

STEP 3  Pay the program fee through your myOswego account.

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Completed Your Course(s)

Transcripts & Transferring Credit

A transcript is a student’s official record of all course work at SUNY Oswego.  You can order your transcript in your myOswego account.  Under the "Student Records" tab choose "Transcripts Plus" to order.  If you have any questions please contact the SUNY Oswego Registrar for more information on transcripts.


Transferring Credit
Students may use their credits earned at SUNY Oswego or submit for transfer to the college or university of their choice. It is at the discretion of each institution to approve the transfer of SUNY Oswego credits.


 3 Credit Course4 Credit CourseNew Vision Program
Program Fee$175$235$700
Reduced Fee*$85$115$85 per class taken

*A reduced program fee is available for students participating in the National Free and Reduced School Lunch program. Must submit official proof to [email protected].


 Complete Course RegistrationPayment Due*
Fall & Full Year CoursesSeptember 8 - October 6, 2024December 1, 2024
Spring CoursesJanuary 22 - February 9, 2025April 15, 2025

*Payment deadlines must be met to receive college credit.

*If your school decides to pay for your program fee, you do not have to pay. 
We send bills to your SUNY Oswego email address after registration and prefer that you pay when you receive a bill.

Earning college credit in high school is smart!

  • Earn college credit at a reduced cost.
  • Experience the rigor of college level course work.
  • Get a head start so you can finish college on-time or even early.
  • Explore if a college major is right for you.


High school students that take courses through the SUNY Oswego in the High Schools program are able to access many campus resources that enhance their experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I earn college credit through the SUNY Oswego in the High School Program and would like to attend SUNY Oswego after I graduate do I still need to go through the application process?

Yes, earning credit through the SUNY Oswego in the High School Program does not mean you will automatically be admitted as a full-time, undergraduate student.  For more information about applying to SUNY Oswego please visit our admissions page.

How do I know if my high school offers a SUNY Oswego in the High Schools Course?

SUNY Oswego has established many partnerships with high schools across New York State.  You can ask your guidance counselor if your high school offers SUNY Oswego Courses.   It is important to note that not all high schools partner with us. 

What happens if I don't pay for the course on time?

SUNY Oswego expects payment to be made by the program deadlines.  Students  with unpaid accounts will be deregistered and will not receive SUNY Oswego credit, only high school credit.

How do I drop a course?

You will need to complete the SUNY Oswego in the High School Course Drop Form and return it to the High School Programs Coordinator.

Can I authorize a payer on myOswego account?

Yes you can add a parent or guardian as an authorized payer on your myOswego account.  View instruction here or visit student accounts.  

Key Terms

SUNY Oswego in the High School Program Application

Student creates a temporary login and pin to complete this application. Completion allows SUNY Oswego to create a student record and issue a SUNY Oswego ID number which is required for course registration.

SUNY Oswego ID Number

Nine-digit number issued by college that allows student to set up a Laker NetID

Laker NetID

Username issued by college that student will use to sign into services like myOswego


Provides SUNY Oswego web access to register for classes, pay on account and much more

high school student on computer

How To Help


Taking a course through the SUNY Oswego High School Programs helps students understand and execute the expectations required of college. You can support your student by discussing key information, deadline reminders, and program expectations while allowing them to complete all of the necessary requirements.

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Student Code of Conduct

While taking a SUNY Oswego course, high school students must abide by SUNY Oswego’s Student Code of Conduct as it applies to their course enrollment. 

high school teacher

Partnering With Oswego

Teachers & High School Administrators

High school teachers interested in teaching courses through SUNY Oswego's concurrent enrollment program should have an advanced academic degree, significant teaching experience in their respective field and must meet the requirements to teach as an adjunct at SUNY Oswego.  Additional qualifications may be required by the SUNY Oswego academic departments.  High school teachers must be approved by SUNY Oswego to teach each course, regardless of a previous role as an adjunct instructor or experience teaching in another concurrent enrollment program.  Please contact the High School Programs Coordinator directly or submit the interest form for more information.  


Division of Extended Learning

337 Sheldon Hall
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Phone: 315-312-2270
Email: [email protected]


8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.