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Discover online programs from Oswego. Our programs are flexible, affordable, and convenient. We have online programs and course options for undergraduate, graduate, and adult degree completion students.

Earn an online degree you can rely on — and afford — from a SUNY leader in online education. SUNY Oswego offers a host of online courses, programs and certificates at the undergraduate and graduate level. Available during spring, summer, fall, and winter terms, online courses have the same objectives, rigorous workload, tuition rates and academic credit as classroom-based courses.

Flexible, affordable and convenient

Online Bachelor's Degrees

SUNY Oswego Graduate Programs

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Online Master's Degrees

Online Bachelor’s Degrees

Discover the possibilities with SUNY Oswego's online programs; you're not just studying; you're on a mission to go beyond. Whether you're a fresh starter or transferring, why compromise on affordability or flexibility? Education should be a gateway, not a barrier. So, how about joining a journey where every class pushes boundaries? Let's "go beyond" together, every step, every lesson.

Online Post-baccalaureate Certificate Programs

Certificate programs offer post-grads a pathway to growth. Deepen or broaden a specialization area, keep pace with shifts in your career landscape, and make yourself more marketable in your field. Interested students in good standing may be able to roll their certificate progress into continued master’s study at Oswego.

Online Courses

Online courses are a great way to supplement your in-person degree study at SUNY Oswego’s main or Syracuse campuses. In fact, all Winter Session courses and many Summer Session courses are offered solely online. Online courses are offered in a regular rotation — during spring, summer, fall and winter terms.

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