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A team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated people helps ensure SUNY Oswego remains a high-quality learner-centered institution of higher learning.

Office of the President

President Deborah F. Stanley, president of the college since 1995, oversees a commitment to academic excellence and a proactive program of campus renewal designed to make SUNY Oswego increasingly competitive throughout the 21st century.

office of the president

President’s Council

The President’s Council — composed of vice presidents, deans and other campus leaders — guides the campus through the many issues facing any institution of higher learning striving for excellence. An array of campus planning and governing bodies contribute in-depth understanding of where we have been to lead decisions about where we are going as a college.

president’s council

College Council

The College Council, consisting of community leaders appointed by the governor of New York, lends addition guidance and wisdom to the decision-making process as the campus community charts its future.

college council