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University Leadership

In order to maintain SUNY Oswego's reputation as a high-quality learner-centered institution, a team of highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated people is key.

President’s Cabinet

The President’s Cabinet — composed of vice presidents and other campus leaders — guides the operations of the university, carefully linking annual goals with Oswego's institutional priorities and assessment, and aligning these efforts to the strategic plan, mission and vision.


President’s Council

The President’s Council is comprised of President's Cabinet members, deans, and other campus leaders who contribute in-depth understanding and provide additional leadership and perspective to the management of the university.

President's Council

President's Budget Advisory Group

The President’s Budget Advisory Group shall review data on budget, resource allocation, enrollments and other information as needed to inform a general understanding of annual budgeting for SUNY Oswego.

Budget Advisory Group

College Council

The College Council, consisting of community leaders appointed by the governor of New York, lends addition guidance and wisdom to the decision-making process as the campus community charts its future.

College Council