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CLEP College Board’s College-Level Examination Program

The College Board’s College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has been the most widely trusted credit-by-examination program for over 50 years. CLEP  allows students from a wide range of ages and backgrounds to demonstrate their mastery of introductory college-level material and earn college credit. Students can earn credit for what they already know by getting qualifying scores on any of the examinations. General examinations may be used for elective credit. Subject examinations are suitable for meeting some General Education requirements.

If you have acquired knowledge through independent study, prior course work, professional development, on-the-job training, cultural pursuits or in some other manner and would like to test your mastery on a CLEP exam please complete the below steps. 

CLEP - College Level Examination Program Credit Table


Qualify to take a CLEP exam for FREE!!!!

Check out this amazing opportunity to take an online course for FREE, which qualifies you for a FREE voucher to take the CLEP exam of that subject area!  This opportunity is provided through Modern States and is part of their "Freshman Year for Free" program. You can complete as few as one course if you choose.  Email [email protected] with questions!

March 2 Success 

Free online study resources for math, economics, computer science, business, and more!  Available to all! This resource can help prepare testers for CLEP testing in various subject areas.


student working with advisor

Complete an Off-Campus Study Approval Form

Step 1

If you are a matriculated student at SUNY Oswego and intend to have the score sent to SUNY Oswego, you must file an Off-Campus Study Approval Form prior to taking the CLEP examination in order to ensure you will receive credit as expected. Your advisor must review this form and sign it before submitting it to the Registrars office.  It is your responsibility to register for and to take the correct exam. For additional information, call the Division of Extended Learning at 315.312.2270.

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Register for CLEP on the CollegeBoard Website

Step 2

Exams are typically $93.00.  You will receive an admission ticket upon completion of this process which you must bring to the testing/proctoring session.  

computer lab

Sign up for CLEP proctoring at SUNY Oswego.

Step 3

The Division of Extended Learning is responsible for proctoring CLEP exams administered on the SUNY Oswego campus.  It is necessary to contact the testing coordinator to schedule an appointment to test.

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Pay the SUNY Oswego Proctoring Fee

Step 4

SUNY Oswego charges the below proctoring fees to students taking the CLEP exam on our campus.  

SUNY Oswego student/alumni:  $30*
Non-SUNY Oswego student/alumni:  $40
Military student:  free*

*Student ID number is required


Location & Parking

CLEP tests are administered on SUNY Oswego's main campus at the Testing Center located at 314 Sheldon Hall.   

If you are not a SUNY Oswego student you will need to purchase a temporary parking pass for $1.00 at the parking office.

Campus Map


Testing Center

314 Sheldon Hall 

Oswego, NY 13126

PHONE: 315-312-2270



By Appointment