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Video Services

The college’s academic videographer is available to assist faculty in creating several types of videos for asynchronous online courses: 

  • Faculty/Instructor bios: Let your students know a little about yourself and your journey to SUNY Oswego 
  • Course introductions: Tell your students a little about your course, what topics will be discussed including tests, quizzes, number of modules, and other assignments.
  • Lightboard instructional videos: Lightboard videos can provide highly effective assistance for problem explanations, homework, explication and course review. Those who frequently explain or lecture using a board may find these tools a natural fit for presentation. As such, it can help overcome the reservations of instructors who are uneasy about video production. The technology is especially valuable for instructors in Science, Math, or Technology, who often must work through formulae or explain complex processes using illustrations. The resulting lectures are easy to watch, the text or sketch stays visible as it is produced, and the lecturer’s face remains a natural part of the presentation.

To request a consultation, please use this service request form.

Contact Us

Please request service by emailing [email protected].