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During the Fall 23 semester, the instructional design team will be offering short and multi session workshops encompassing a variety of topics. We are also developing several asynchronous online workshops to offer later in the fall and during Winter break.

As time allows, we will also be designing, developing and implementing several self-paced workshops for faculty. By request, we are updating the popular Flexible Teaching Workshop to be offered very soon. Updates will be posted over the next few months.

Upcoming Workshops

Asynchronous Online Course Development Best Practices

Based on our highly successful course development process, this workshop will provide weekly interactions and activities that lead to completing several course modules. This will be a facilitated workshop that will run 4 to 6 weeks.

Culturally inclusive online teaching and learning

Research has shown that reducing barriers in online courses can help students feel a sense of belonging, ensure they can access course materials, and support them in achieving learning goals. In this facilitated workshop, faculty will have the opportunity to learn about ways to help all students feel supported in their learning. The workshop will run 4 weeks.

Brightspace Training/Workshops

These sessions focus on a particular tool or skill set within Brightspace, and how to best use it. While these are technical “how to” sessions, we also look at the reasons why we use tools in certain ways to create a positive experience for our learners.

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