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What is a Microcredential?

Microcredentials provide you the freedom to learn the skills you need and earn digital proof. Do you want to stand out? Earn your digital badge and showcase your skills, with microcredentials from SUNY Oswego.

🗓 Convenient -Learn skills in months, not years

🧱 Stackable -Gain credits toward Advanced degrees

🛄 Portable -Earn a digital badge to display your knowledge 


Microcredential Programs 

Digital Media & Communication Design

Learn to design and create websites, graphics, visual, and written communication messages.

Grain Testing & Analysis

Agricultural sciences with practical experiences and specialized knowledge in applied testing of grain grading and analysis.

Graduate level Microcredentials 

Interaction Design

Skills focused on user experience, web design, principles of motion, and digital storytelling. 

NYS Superintendent Development

A year-long professional development program designed to prepare the next generation of superintendents.

Skill level Microcredentials 

LOC team photo

Leadership Oswego County

Leadership Oswego County offers an annual leadership development program that prepares a select group of county residents to become the community stewards of the future.

OTXA Micro

Enhancing Administrative Professionalism Certificate

The Enhancing Administrative Professionalism Certificate Program is designed for individuals in administrative support roles who want to be exceptional at their job.

Innovation Skills

The Digital Badge for Innovation recognizes the successful completion of three courses totaling 12 sections of webinar content for entrepreneurship basics. The webinar content was created by two adjunct faculty members specializing in entrepreneurship and who work full-time for the Tech Garden, the region’s premier incubator organization.

SUNY Oswego International Students

Intercultural and Global Competency

The microcredential will showcase a student's understanding, knowledge, and skill set relative to Global and intercultural competencies demonstrated through a combination of curricular courses and co-curricular experiences, activities, and events.

SUNY Oswego School of Business

Senior Analyst

Verifies students can assess a company's solvency & profitability status by calculating & interpreting a ratio analysis of a company's financial statements. Students can analyze a stock's price in relation to its earnings & make a recommendation to BUY/SELL the stock to their student sector leader in the Investment Club. It verifies students can design & execute a peer review process for their BUY/SELL recommendation, and make a presentation using appropriate tools to peers/industry professionals.

What is a Digital Badge?

A digital badge is a new credential that will enable you to demonstrate particular skills you have gained through learning experiences. A digital badge is an icon that helps you stand out and shows employers that you know a specific skill set. Digital badges are credentials you own, so you can decide how you want to use them. Once you earn a badge, you own it. Digital badges will help you stand out on social media, and make you stand out on your digital resume.

Earn & Highlight Your Microcredential

Step 1 

Discover and enroll in your chosen microcredential program.

Instructions for enrollment are on each program page.  

Step 2

Complete the requirements for the microcredential.  

No two microcredentials at SUNY Oswego are the same.  Each has different requirements for completion.  Some consist of academic courses; non-credit training, while others may include completing a project.  Please carefully review the requirements on each program page.

Step 3 

Accept your badge through Credly. 

Digital badges are the visual icons that represent your microcredential.  Credly is the platform SUNY Oswego uses to issue digital badges. Once you complete all of the requirements of your microcredential, you will be given instructions to accept your badge through Credly.

Step 4

Show off your badge!

Use and share your badge on digital resumes, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Your digital badge is clickable and houses information such as the date earned, the criteria required to earn the badge, and the evidence that shows that you have met the required criteria.

Why enroll in a microcredential program?

  • Smaller than a minor and less time commitment necessary. No more than 11 credits can be earned in as little as 3 months (or 1 semester).
  • Be a lifelong learner. You get to choose what you learn about without committing to a full degree.
  • Our microcredentials are offered in two different facets: credit-bearing or non-credit. If you receive Oswego credit for completing the degree, it will be on your SUNY Oswego academic record and you earn a digital badge. If you choose non-credit, you will earn your digital badge through Credly. 
  • No need to stress about fees or extra costs. Microcredentials are part of a straight tuition rate, so you only pay what you sign up for. 

Have a new idea?
For Faculty & Staff

Why should you make a SUNY Oswego microcredential available? To help students define and give proof of skills learned. Microcredentials are smaller than a minor but provide digital proof of completion. The goal of our microcredential program is to satisfy the needs of both students and industry today and in the future.

How to make a microcredential

Integrative Professional Studies

Do you want to know how some students turn microcredentials into a degree? Our Integrative Professional Studies (IPS) can be your pathway to a BS or BA degree. Find out more about our brand-new Integrative Professional Studies.

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