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Scholarships, often awarded for academic achievement, special talents, or specific fields of study, can plays a significant role in reducing your educational costs.

SUNY Oswego Scholarships

SUNY Oswego offers a variety of scholarships funded by the university, the Oswego College Foundation, the Oswego Alumni Association, and other groups. Generous contributions from alumni, faculty, staff, emeriti, philanthropic groups, corporations and friends of the university are responsible for making these awards possible.

First-Year Scholarships

SUNY Oswego awards millions in merit scholarships each year to incoming students who demonstrated an outstanding level of academic achievement. By applying to SUNY Oswego, you are eligible to be considered for both admission to the university and for institutional scholarships.

Transfer Scholarships

Transfer scholarships, available in two monetary levels, are awarded to incoming transfer students who have demonstrated outstanding academic excellence. Full-time transfer students with 24 credits or more are are eligible to be considered to receive a transfer scholarship by applying to SUNY Oswego.

Continuing Student Scholarships

Continuing student scholarships and grants are a helpful resource for Oswego students, and there are plenty of scholarships for  sophomores and beyond. In fact, major scholarships are often awarded to third- and fourth-year students. 

Graduate Scholarships

Scholarships, grants and awards are available to accepted and currently matriculated graduate students at Oswego. Most provide students with a one-time cash award intended to support students in many disciplines.


Conversion Scholarships

Conversion scholarships increase incentive to work in a specific career field or geography after graduation. They are designed to encourage study, with the understanding that these scholarships can convert into loans if the recipients do not meet the the agreed terms after college.

New York State and federal examples include the Federal TEACH Grant, the NYS Excelsior Scholarship, the NYS Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) Incentive and the NYS Math & Science Teaching Incentive Scholarship.

The NYS Excelsior Scholarship

Among conversion scholarships designed to boost New York’s workforce, the Excelsior Scholarship promises more tuition-free degrees for middle-class New Yorkers.

New York State Excelsior. Ever Upward

Find External Scholarships

Beyond the scholarship options listed, students at SUNY Oswego can also apply for external scholarships. The financial aid office has curated a list of possible online resources to help you research opportunities that might be available to you.

ROTC Scholarships

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) offers scholarships that cover all or part of tuition, in return for active military service after graduation. Students simultaneously study and undergo military and officer training through a unit at or nearby the university.

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