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Oswego students chat while heading to class on a crisp fall day.

Money Matters

Financial Literacy

At SUNY Oswego, we aim to empower students with essential financial knowledge and skills that foster lifelong financial well-being.

Through innovative educational initiatives and personalized guidance, we equip students with the confidence and competence to make informed financial decisions, navigate complex economic landscapes, and cultivate responsible financial habits. By promoting financial literacy, we prepare our students for future success, enabling them to achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals with fiscal resilience.

Budget Planning

By planning and tracking your expenses and income, you can keep spending under control. A college student budget often helps you stay out of debt and plan for the future. These practices are typically worth the time and discipline they require.

How to Make A Student Budget

Learn how to create and use a student budget in this helpful Study Tube video. The advice is broad and general. It aims to educate without being insensitive to anyone’s financial situation. You don’t need to update a spreadsheet every day; just set aside some time at least once a month or every two weeks to review your finances.

Tuition & Cost of Attendance

SUNY Oswego offers numerous scholarships, grants, and loans to help reduce costs associated with attending college. Office of Financial Aid staff can provide assistance, explain the various options, and help determine which ones might be best for you

Explore Types of Aid


CashCourse is your guide to making informed financial choices. Register for a free account to find financial tools to start taking charge of your money.

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How to Read Your College Bill

This video created by Get Schooled will walk you through your college tuition bill to help you make sense of it. The Student Accounts Office offers a breakdown of Undergraduate tuition and fees and Graduate tuition and fees.

Making Money at School

A limited number of students are eligible for the Federal Work Study (FWS) award. To help pay for the costs of graduate school, grad students may apply for graduate assistantships across campus.

Federal Work Study & Student Employment

Where do Students Work On Campus?

Some of the top departments that hire students include:

Auxiliary Services

This on-campus independent, not-for-profit corporation hires more than 650 student employees.

Residence Life & Housing

There are many opportunities for students and professional staff to get involved in the residential community, as well as develop and improve skills. 

Campus Technology Services

Student employment opportunities are available with the Help Desk, telecommunication, computer labs, networking and instructional support.

Campus Events & Conferences Services

Many opportunities exist for helping with a variety of campus activities, from customer service to intramural supervisors or assistants to lifeguards and much more.

Penfield Library

Student assistants work in both public and non-public service areas, including Check-Out and Reserves, Interlibrary Loan, Government Documents, Special Collections, and Administration.

Prepare to Work on Campus

Get ready and get hired! Find on-campus job and paid internship opportunities with the help of our friendly support staff.

Free Educational Resources

Emergency Funding & Resources

Student Emergency Fund

A resource for students facing unexpected hardship, this fund can help with basic necessities such as groceries, car repairs or medical bills.

Student Emergency Fund

Oz Concerns Navigator

The Oz Concerns Navigator is a portal designed to help students find campus-based support in a variety of situations, including financial concerns.

Oz Concerns Navigator

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