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Accept Aid

Upon receiving your aid package, your next step is to accept or decline the aid you’ve been offered. Carefully consider your options and make an informed decision.

Oswego is pleased to introduce CampusLogic™ — an intuitive online, self-service platform for students to streamline financial aid processes including the verification process. Access the platform via the myOswego portal — under the Financial Services tab > Financial Aid link > Financial Aid Requirements link — or accessible directly at

Accept or Decline Your Financial Aid

Once your eligibility for financial aid is established, first-year and transfer students will receive an email detailing your financial aid package. You can then accept or reject this aid in myOswego, where you’ll find further information on your financial need, a detailed breakdown of the financial aid awards (amount, source and type), terms and conditions, as well as cost of attendance details. This package includes the aid you are eligible for at that moment. Be aware that your accepted financial aid may be subject to adjustments or cancellations if there are updates to your financial information or if you receive additional financial aid.

Before accepting an award, consider the following:

  Think about the amount & type of aid being accepted

Understanding the specifics of your aid, especially for loans, is key to making the best choices to fund your education. Get comfortable with your borrowing obligations and renewal criteria before you commit.

  Only borrow what you need

If you wish to accept less than the amount awarded, you can accept a partial loan amount in your myOswego, or by contacting Oswego’s Financial Aid Office. The amount you accept will be split evenly between two semesters.

 Mind your minimum credit hours

Changes to your Oswego credit load can impact your aid eligibility. 
Eligible applicants who file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are offered aid based on full-time enrollment status. 

Minimum full-time credit hours for most financial aid purposes are:
Full-time Undergraduate study = 12+ credit hours 
Full-time Graduate study = 9+ credit hours

These hourly requirements must be met prior to the first day of classes. If not, awards may not credit your student account or appear as anticipated aid until after you enroll in the minimum required credit hours.

If your enrollment at Oswego will be less than these minimums, please notify the Financial Aid Office immediately. You may still be eligible for financial aid, however, a change to part-time enrollment status may lead to a decrease in aid or the cancellation of financial aid programs that require students to maintain full-time enrollment status.

Complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN)

If you’re getting a federal loan for the first time, you must complete a document called the Master Promissory Note (MPN). This is your official promise to repay the loan. A Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS), will require the parent borrower to submit a PLUS Loan Application for the current aid year and also complete an MPN

Each applicable promissory note must be electronically signed and complete before loan funds can be disbursed. MPNs are generally good for 10 years, so most borrowers do not typically need to complete them more than once over the course of a degree.

Complete Loan Entrance Counseling

After you submit your Master Promissory Note (MPN), first-time borrowers must complete Entrance Counseling at intended to help you better understand the responsibilities that you will be taking on by borrowing federal loans. If you accept loans on your package and do not complete the Entrance Counseling, the aid will not disburse until counseling is complete.

Complete Verification

Verification is a process mandated by the U.S. Department of Education to ensure information provided on your FAFSA is accurate. If you are selected for verification, you will receive an email at your Oswego email address if you’re a current student, or your personal email address if you are a new incoming student to provide additional documentation. Upload completed verification materials the Financial Aid Office digitally at

Student Information & Proxy Access

A student may rely on family members and supporters to assist with the Financial Aid process. The Financial Aid Office must adhere to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Therefore, our staff will not disclose your personal and financial information without your express permission. Students can give permission by providing proxy access in myOswego.

When is Aid Disbursed?

Once accepted, your aid funds (loan, grant or scholarship) will be posted to your student account to pay expenses — or disbursed. Disbursements vary during Summer sessions. Rough Fall and Spring semester disbursements dates are as follows: 

  • Direct Federal loans begin to disburse during the first week of classes; 
  • Pell after add/drop period; 
  • SUNY Oswego scholarships and SEOG during the fourth week; 
  • ACCES-VR and EOP Book Excess during week seven;
  • TAP and SUNY Tuition Credit during week eight. 

Funds may not disburse if you have outstanding requirements; check your myOswego under Student Eligibility/Requirements

 Oswego’s Office of Student Accounts can answer questions about billing and disbursements.

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