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Faculty and Staff

headshot of Cynthia Clabough
Department Chair
Professor, Graphic Design & Illustration

Cynthia Clabough

233b Tyler Hall, 32c Lanigan Hall
Email [email protected]
Adjunct Professor

Kris Adams

headshot of Suzanne Beason
Adjunct Professor, Art History, Design & Printmaking

Suzanne Beason

headshot of Laurel Anne Braun
Adjunct Professor

Laurel Anne Braun

photo of Cara Brewer Thompson and her cat
Professor, Animation, Creative Code, & Emerging Technologies (XR)

Cara Brewer Thompson

headshot of Peter Cardone
Visiting Assistant Professor

Peter Cardone

headshot of Nick Casale
Adjunct Professor

Nick Casale

headshot of Jason Cheney
Adjunct Professor

Jason Cheney

headshot of Taylor Clock
Adjunct Professor

Taylor Clock

headshot of William DeMott
Adjunct Professor, Drawing & Printmaking

William DeMott

photo of Nathan Eaton
Assistant Professor

Nathan Eaton

photo of Benjamin Entner
Associate Professor, Sculpture & Art History

Benjamin Entner

photo of Steven Ginsburg
Woodshop Technician

Steven Ginsburg

headshot of Donna Greene
Assistant Professor

Donna Greene

Hinman_Allison_Adjunct Instructor_Art and Design
Adjunct Professor

Allison Hinman

self portrait of Kristy Hoover
Adjunct Professor

Kristy Hoover

headshot of Elizabeth Hunt
Visiting Assistant Professor

Elizabeth Hunt

headshot of Jessica Joyce
Adjunct Professor

Jessica Joyce

headshot of Julieve Jubin
Associate Professor, Experimental Travel Photography & Studio Photography

Julieve Jubin

headshot of Justin Mastrangelo
Adjunct Professor, Print Design, Typography & Screen Printing

Justin Mastrangelo

headshot of Christopher McEvoy
Associate Professor

Christopher McEvoy

headshot of Richard Metzgar
Professor, 2D Design & 3D Design

Richard Metzgar

headshot of Rebecca Mushtare

Rebecca Mushtare

headshot of Juan Perdiguero
Professor, Drawing & Painting

Juan Perdiguero

headshot of Kelly Roe
Associate Dean, School of Communication Media and the Arts

Kelly Roe

headshot of Mario Romano
Visiting Assistant Professor

Mario Romano

headshot of Lisa Seppi
Professor, Art History

Lisa Seppi

Marybeth Sorendo
Adjunct Professor

Marybeth Sorendo

Traci_Terpening_Admin. Assistant
Administrative Assistant

Traci Terpening

Adjunct Professor

Catherine Walsh

Digital Studio Manager

Jenilee Ward

photo of Renqian Yang
Associate Professor, Ceramics

Renqian Yang