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Oz Pathways to Leadership

There are many ways to engage in leadership on campus in addition to the ALANA Multicultural Leadership Conference and the Oz Leads Series.  Oz Pathways to Leadership provides additional pathways through trainings sessions, Leadership 101 (for new student organizations), Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) - the National Leadership Honor Society and in the classroom through Exploring Leadership Issues, CPS - 380.

Presentations and Training Sessions

Student Engagement and Leadership staff provide a number of presentations and training sessions for student leaders. You will see them posted as Events in Laker Life along with posts on the department's Instagram account. For more information on presentations and trainings and to possibly set something up for your student organization please stop by the Student Engagement and Leadership (SEL) office found in The Point, 131 Marano Campus Center.

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) National Leadership Honor Society

Omicron Delta Kappa returned to SUNY Oswego in the spring of 2024. Members of ODK are academically in the top 35% of the college and have been actively engaged in leadership on campus . ODK seeks members who excel as students and as leaders in student organizations, residence life, academic settings, peer education, athletics, the arts and community service. As a Circle member of Omicron Delta Kappa, you have access to a nationwide network of leaders in industry, academia, and community agencies. Members of ODK seek to maintain high standards of academic success, community service and involvement in leadership.  Check out ODK in Laker Life to contact officers and learn more about the Oswego Circle.

Leadership 101

Leadership 101 is an opportunity to successfully lead your new organization. When students have completed the Student Association new organization process along with the college's registration process they will complete the process by participating in Leadership 101. Students completing the new organization process will learn more about this through that process.

Leadership Class

CPS 380, Exploring Leadership Issues is offered in the spring semester.

This course is open to sophomores through seniors who want to learn more about leadership and ethics along with their roles in the leadership process. Students who are presently officers in student organizations, active in their residence halls, student managers on campus, involved in community organizations; along with those who are looking to move into those roles on campus will find the material covered in this course essential to their engagement in leadership.

Course Description:

Through this course students will gain a broad understanding of specific historical and contemporary theories of leadership and investigate the current shift away from the dominant leadership paradigm toward an emergent leadership paradigm.  As students explore these concepts they will establish, refine and articulate their own approach to the practice of leadership.