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Civic Engagement Coalition (CEC)

What is the Civic Engagement Coalition (CEC)?

The Civic Engagement Coalition works with the Civic Engagement and Community Services Program Coordinator to promote democratic practice and values among students, faculty, and staff; to create and coordinate purposeful experiences within and beyond the classroom; and to develop knowledge, skills, motivation, and practice necessary for becoming responsible, engaged citizens in a pluralistic, democratic society.  The coalition is composed of students, faculty, and staff who are interested in furthering the mission of the committee and is chaired by Dr. Allison Rank.

The committee meets biweekly during the academic year to report on and make recommendations about curricular and co-curricular civic engagement activity.

Want to learn more or join? Contact Allison Rank, [email protected]

Membership for 2022-2023

Allison Rank (Chair), Vote Oswego & Political Science

Kelsey Jones, Student Engagement and Leadership
Karen Archibee, Extended Learning
Michelle Bandla, EXCEL
Katelyn Barber, Atmospheric & Geological Science
Mallory Bower, First Year Experience program
Laura Brown, Human Development
Kristi Eck, President's Office
Emily Estrada, Sociology
Terrian Garvis, James A. Triandiflou Institute for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Transformative Practice
Jane LeBlanc, Counseling Services Center
Kathleen Locklear, Marketing & Management
Christopher McEvoy, Art
Jessica McGiff, Registrar
Wendy McManus, Intercollegiate Athletics
Mangala Nanthakumar, Environmental Health & Safety
Mike Paestella, Student Engagement & Leadership
Sahar Rajput, Admissions
Miranda Traudt, Artswego
Zachary Vickery, Penfield Library
Leigh Viscomi, Residence Life and Housing
Jacqueline Wallace,Career Services

Membership for 2023-2024

Allison Rank (Chair)

Vote Oswego and CLAS - Politics

Karen Archibee


Extended Learning – Academic Planning Coordinator

Bethany Cole


Mallory Bower


Experiential Learning (EXCEL)/First Year Experience

Jenn Joyce

EXCEL/Service Learning Coordinator

Emily Estrada


CLAS - Sociology

Terrian Garvis

James A. Triandiflou Institute for 

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Transformative Practice

Taylor Dumsky


Graduate Studies

Mike Paestella 

Student Engagement and Leadership

Kathleen Locklear

SOB – Risk Management

Lowell Hutchinson


Zachary Vickery


Library  - Archives

Catherine Carra

Library – Gov Docs

Leigh Viscomi 

Residence Life and Housing

Jackie Wallace

Career Services

Kelsey Jones


Student Engagement and Leadership

David Crider


Andrea Vickery


Celient Duran*


Jason Zenor*


J.R. Slosson*


Matt McLesky*


Ulas Kaplan


Justin Dickerson