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Standards of Excellence

SUNY Oswego is committed to our Greek Letter Organizations and the positive impact they have on our campus and our community.  We have set our standards using the four pillars, and chapters submit a report annually assessing their programming, education, leadership, and community service.

Academic Excellence

The mission of each chapter to educate, monitor and help members with their scholarship.

Academic achievement must always remain as a cornerstone of Fraternity and Sorority operations.  Fraternities and sororities must provide an academic support structure to ensure academic excellence is fostered within their general membership.  To achieve this, chapters develop and implement academic programs that promote academic success, accountability, and acknowledgement for the organization and its members!

Civic Engagement

The commitment of each chapter to philanthropic endevours, service, and social responsibility to build better global citizens.

The ideology of Civic Engagement encompasses many of the core values and principles fraternities and sororities were founded upon.  Fraternities and Sororities must promote and instill a lifelong commitment to philanthropic endeavors, service, social responsibility, and conscientious citizenship amongst the chapter and it's members.

Leadership & Organization

Cultivating and understanding leadership beyond a title, but by positive influence and actions in their chapters and community.

Fraternities and Sororities must promote and cultivate the potential of its officers and members to participate in the process of leadership.  It is important to maintain an understanding that leadership is not defined by the title one holds, but by the positive influence and actions by members in order to contribute to a positive mutual purpose!

Positive Relationships

Maintaining and cultivating positive relationships with other organizations, chapters, campus and community. 

Maintaining positive relationships with other fraternities and sororities, the campus community, and the Oswego community, will foster a network of support and trust.  Fraternities and Sororities must make positive contributions within their existing communities in order to uphold an existence of excellence.  To achieve this, chapters must maintain a healthy and safe environment that promotes sisterhood and brotherhood, while building relationships with various partners across the campus and local community.