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Faculty & Staff Advisors

All registered student organizations on campus are required to have an advisor who is directly affiliated with the College (such as faculty, staff, graduate assistant, or non-students employee of Aux Services, Oswego College Foundation, or SA).     

Advisor Role

  • Provide general insight and guidance to assist the student organization in furthering its purpose and enhancing the meaningfulness of the organization’s membership and experience
  • Provide continuity for the student org from year to year to assist in officer transitions, historical information about programming, etc.
  • Counsel the organization and it’s membership to ensure they are following College policies and procedures
  • See the SUNY Oswego Student Handbook for further information about the role of a student organization advisor

Laker Life Usage for Advisors

  • A requirement of being a registered student organization on campus is to have a Laker Life page that is up to date.  Laker Life is an online community for SUNY Oswego’s various student- centered programs and orgs (res halls, Greek life, club sports, student orgs, etc.).
  • Advisors will need to have access to Laker Life and accept the invitation that is sent from the organization's page to “join” as the “advisor”.


Registered student organizations may select a new advisor if/when the need arises.  It is the responsibility of the President of the org to file this change with the Administrative Assistant at SEL, located in The Point. Advisors can elect to step away from the role, if the need arises, but are encouraged to support the students throughout the program year before deciding if you can commit the following year.


Email Ashley Dailey, Program Coordinator for Student Organization Support & Activities at [email protected] OR call at 315-312-5433