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Vote Oswego

What is Vote Oswego?

Vote Oswego is a project to help members of the Oswego community make an impact in all elections by stressing the importance of political participation no matter the political affiliation; making registration fun, easy, and secure; providing personalized support; and encouraging eligible voters to submit absentee ballots or go to the polls.


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How do I register to vote?

You can register online using our TurboVote platform here!

If you prefer to walk through the process with someone in Vote Oswego we keep NYS Voter Registration Forms on hand in The Point, Marano Campus Center and are happy to assist in mailing in your voter registration.

I think I may be registered but I'm not sure?

Double check your voter registration here!

How do I vote when I'm not registered to vote in Oswego?

Voting is still possible and easy even though you'll be in Oswego on Election Day!

An absentee ballot is a vote cast by someone who is unable or unwilling to attend the official polling station to which the voter is normally allocated.

If the student is registered to vote at their home address that is not located in Oswego County and they plan on being in Oswego on Election Day, they can vote absentee. 

Here's how to request an absentee ballot in NYS!