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Students volunteering at Arbor Day

Oz Leads

Speaker & Program Series

Oz Leads

Spring 2024 Leadership Series 

Student Engagement and Leadership along with campus partners invites you to participate in the Oz Leads Spring 2024 leadership series.  Please continue to visit this web page and the Oz Leads page in Laker Life for updates on programs offered along with the times and locations of events.  


Student Leaders Workshop: Social Media and PR Planning - 2 PM on January 26th in MCC 114

Jump start your social media while developing a PR plan for your organization to start the spring semester and new year.  Michael Ayalon of Greek University will be presenting on these topics and leaders of all student organizations are invited to participate in this fun and informative program. To learn more about this program, visit the Event posting in Laker Life.


35th Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration - A Time to Break Silence - Feb 1-3

February 1st - Annual Ceremony - From Myth to Man: Marting Luther King, An Interpretation - Doors Open at 6 PM, Event Begins at 6:30PM, Waterman Theater. For Free Tickets and to learn more about the program, please visit the Event posting in Laker Life.

February 2nd - Celebration - Poet Jillian Hanesworth with Student Performances and Art Exhibit - 5:30PM-7PM, Shineman Nucleus 

February 3rd - Day of Service - 11AM to 3PM - Student Engagement and Leadership hosts Rise Against Hunger to actively address food insecurity in our society.  11AM to 3 PM in the MCC Food and Activity Court.  Check Laker Life for sign up information.


Discover Your Leadership Strengths - 5 PM on February 21st in MCC 133

This program is limited in numbers and you must sign up in advance and receive and then complete the StrengthsQuest Inventory to participate and attend.  During the workshop you will learn about your top five themes of strength and how you can develop them and apply them in your involvement as a student leader.  To learn more and sign up please visit the Event posting in Laker Life


Building Community in Your Organization - 5 PM on March 6th in MCC 133

During this program current and aspiring officers and leaders of student organizations, residence hall councils, sports teams and more will be engaged in a conversation on the purpose, structures and processes for their organizations.  Then we will examine how they can develop these to develop community in their organizations.  To learn more about this program, please visit the Event posting in Laker Life.

Navigating Team Conflict Through Communication - 5 PM on March 27th in MCC 133

Teamwork involves people from all different lived experiences coming together for a shared mission.  Conflict is a natural part of any team and healthy communication can assist teams in working through conflict to find connection.  This program will explore healthy communication strategies for processing and navigating conflict, as well as exploration of common barriers that prevent people from continuing to work together.  To learn more please visit the Event posting in Laker Life.  


Student Leadership Awards Ceremony - 6 PM on April 4th in the Sheldon Hall Ballroom 

Please be on the look out in Laker Life for ways to apply for and nominate student organizations and student leaders for the 2024 awards.  You can learn more about this ceremony by visiting the Event posting in Laker Life.

Student Organization Officer Transitions Workshops - Friday, April 12th at 4 PM and Monday, April 15th at 4 PM

Student organization leaders can register for these required meetings and learn more about them by visiting the event postings in Laker Life:

Friday's Officer Transition Workshop

Monday's Officer Transition Workshop

Spring Day of Service - Friday, April 26th 10 AM to 6 PM

Arboretum Maintenance

Packaging of Maple Syrup with the Maple Syrup Program

Arbor Day Tree Giveaway

Shining Waters

Open Garden at the Permaculture Living Laboratory

Visit the Event posting in Laker Life for updates and a complete listing of service opportunities.


Updates and more information

New programs and events may be listed in the future and complete event details and updates can be found on the Oz Leads page in Laker Life and/or the Event postings in Laker Life.