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Required Forms

The medical staff provides primary health care for all registered students. 

Immunization information is required by NYS law and may be obtained from the student’s health care provider, high school, or previously attended college health services office. The law requires college students born on or after January 1, 1957, to be immunized against measles, mumps and rubella. Only live vaccine immunization is acceptable.  This information is required to be filed with Health Services before the student can register for an orientation session or register for classes prior to entering college.

All required documents can be securely uploaded to our Patient Portal.

Patient Portal

Medical services may be denied without the presentation of a valid college ID card at each visit.

A student desiring health care services during the summer may do so even if not attending Summer School session(s) if the student:

  • Was registered for the previous semester.
  • Is registered for the coming semester.

The following forms must be completed before you are able to register. You may fax or email completed documents to Health Services. Please be advised that the [email protected] mail is not HIPAA compliant or secure. 

All Students Under 18

In accordance with New York State law, students under 18 years of age cannot be treated at Health Services without parental consent. The authorization of treatment form must be completed by any student under the age of 18, with parental/legal guardian signature required. 

All Students Must Complete the Following Forms

Sports Forms

These forms must be completed by all students participating in or trying out for an NCAA sport. This is not required for club or intramural sports. 

All required documents can be securely uploaded to our Patient Portal.

Patient Portal