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Immunization Information

Printing immunizations

Current students, faculty, and staff, please login to the Patient Portal.

Parent/guardian consent form for immunization (PDF) (This form is to be used for students under 18)

Immunization record form (PDF)

Required immunizations

  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR): Documentation is required for registration. According to New York State Public Health law 2165 students born on or after January 1, 1957 need to provide documentation of the following: 1st MMR dose after first birthday and second dose at least one month or greater from first dose. This vaccince is offered free of charge through health services.
  • Meningitis: Immunizations Date or Declination Form required for registration.  According to New York State Public Health Law 2167 post-secondary institutions must distribute information about meningococcal disease and vaccination to students, or parents/guardians of students under age 18.  Each student must supply a vaccine record indicating at least 1 dose of meningococcal ACWY vaccine with the last 5 years or a complete 2 or 3 dose series of Men B OR a signed response form indicating that the student will not obtain immunization against meningococcal disease. 
  • Meningitis information
  • Meningitis Vaccine

Recommended immunizations:

  • Diphtheria tetanus vaccine: Booster is recommended every 10 years.*
  • COVID-19 Vaccine.  For more information about the Updated SUNY Policy: COVID-19 Vaccination Policy 
  • Gardasil (HPV vaccine): Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage. For more information see the CDC website and Gardasil website.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine:  Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage. Most students entering college (aged 18 to 22) have already been immunized.
  • Meningitis B vaccine: Recommended for students entering college.  Check with your insurance carrier for coverage.
  • Meningitis vaccine: Recommended for students entering college.  Check with your insurance carrier for coverage.
  • Seasonal flu vaccine: Free of charge to students in the mid-fall semester. The campus will be notified when seasonal flu vaccine arrives.*
  • Tetanus diphtheria with acellular pertussis vaccine (Tdap): Suggested at the next booster opportunity.*

*offered free of charge

Religious and Medical waivers: 

Religious Vaccination Waiver Form - Religious exemptions as of 6/7/2022 are processed through the Office of the Dean of Students

Medical Vaccination Waiver Form (PDF)

Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) Sheets:

*These VIS sheets are available in other languages also. Please contact Health Services if you need any assistance.