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Meet the Staff

Headshot of Angie Brown
Director of Student Health Services
Family Nurse Practitioner

Angie Brown

Angela sitting outdoors smiling for a portrait photo on a slightly cloudy day in the Summer. She is sitting on an Adirondack Chair with the view of Lake Ontario in the background, she also has a row of trees in view behind her..
Assistant Director for Health Services

Angela Stoutenger

Headshot of Tara Auler
Adult Nurse Practitioner

Tara Auler

Headshot of Allison German
Nurse Practitioner

Allison German

Headshot of Laina M. Stupp
Family Nurse Practitioner

Laina Stupp

Tricia outside on a sunny breezy day. She is standing in front of Lake Ontario surrounded by foliage
Family Nurse Practitioner

Tricia Vivlamore

Headshot of Jayne VonHoltz
Registered Nurse

Jayne VonHoltz

Headshot of Deborah Wallace
Registered Nurse

Deborah Wallace

Headshot of Trudy Wilson
Licensed Practical Nurse

Trudy Wilson

Headshot of Sarah Sostak
Medical Assistant

Sarah Sostak

Headshot of Betsy Sippel
Administrative Assistant

Betsy Sippel

Headshot of Nykky Bivens
Graphic Designer

Nykky Bivens