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Confidentiality and medical records

The information placed in medical records is protected. Records are strictly confidential and not released to anyone unless:

  • The student or his/her legal agent provides Health Services with written authorization to release information; this authorization to release medical information must be separate from a request to release other records, such as a transcript or placement folder.
  • Health Services receives an official court-ordered subpoena demanding medical information, or when ordered by a Judge.
  • The student has a communicable disease which is reportable by law.
  • Abuse of children 
  • Imminent harm to self or others
  • Security clearance (i.e. FBI, CIA, etc.)

Record release form

Recording Policy

To protect the privacy of patients and employees, Health Services prohibits the recording or live broadcast of patients, patient representatives, employees, and visitors without their knowledge and explicit permission.

Even with explicit permission obtained, recordings are limited to personal use only and cannot be posted or stored on social media, or in any publicly accessible domain.

*Please reach out to [email protected] for the full policy

Destruction of records

Records are destroyed in accordance with the State University of New York Records Retention and Disposition Manual.

No-Show, Late, and Cancellation Policy

It is the goal of Health Services to provide excellent care to each student in a timely manner. It is also the policy of Health Services to monitor and manage appointment no-shows and late cancellations. If it is necessary to cancel an appointment, students are requested to call (315) 312-4100, or cancel on the patient portal at least 24 hours before their appointment time. Notification allows Health Services to better utilize appointments for other students in need of prompt medical care.

“No Show” shall mean any student who fails to arrive for a scheduled appointment. 
“Same Day Cancellation” shall mean any student who cancels an appointment less than 24 hours before their scheduled appointment.
“Late Arrival” shall mean any student who arrives 10 minutes or more after their expected arrival time. 

Medical excuses for missed classes/exams/assignments

Health Services has a long-standing policy that excuses for missed classes, exams or assignments are not written by Health Services personnel. Class attendance is an administrative matter between the student and the instructor. This policy is supported by ACHA (American College Health Association) .

Medical withdrawal

Petition for medical withdrawal will be reviewed by the Director of Health Services. The student's written permission is necessary for release of medical information. 

Grievance Procedure

Health Services aims to provide the best support and service possible to our students, as well as our community stakeholders. As a client of Health Services you are entitled to engage in a dispute resolution process in the event you have a complaint about the provision of services. Please refer to our grievance procedure form