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Writing Assistance

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Writing assistance sessions are held for one hour and conveniently follow the SUNY Oswego class meeting schedule. These sessions can be scheduled for creative writing, essay/research paper, personal statement/scholarship or other writing.  

How to Schedule a Writing Assistance Appointment on TracCloud 


Drop-in sessions for writing are held six days per week. Drop-in sessions do not require an appointment and are held for two-hour blocks. While drop-in sessions are convenient and do not require an appointment, they do require tutees to meet with the tutor on a first come, first served basis. Tutees are allowed to meet with a tutor for a maximum of 20 minutes if there is a line of students waiting. If no one is waiting, the tutee may use the entire 2-hour block. 

How to Find Drop-In Writing Assistance Sessions on TracCloud 

Find Sessions

To browse drop-in sessions or to schedule a one-on-one appointment, visit our online scheduling platform TracCloud.

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Supplemental Resources

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Please note that writing assistance sessions are focused on writing skills. A writing tutor will not necessarily be familiar with the content of your course. For help with course content, schedule a tutoring session via TracCloud