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Student Organization Life Cycle

Registered student organizations must complete re-registration, required trainings, officer transition, and an end of the year portfolio each academic year.  


Student organizations must complete and submit their re-registration in Laker Life in the beginning of the fall semester to remain active.  The president of the organization will be responsible for filling out the re-registration form.

As part of the re-registration process, login to your Laker Life page and make sure that all officers and the current advisor are listed on your organization's page.  Remove former members no longer associated with the organization and invite any new members.  Also, please remember that all members must be current SUNY Oswego students.

Registrations will not be approved until after Officer Onboarding workshops have been offered to ensure representation from all student organizations.  Once the registration is approved, the organization will remain registered for the remainder of the fall and spring semester.  The purpose of the re-registration process is to ensure that all registered student organizations on campus are ready to take on the new academic year!

Officer Onboarding  

E-board members will be required to complete Officer Onboarding & Title IX Trainings.  Treasurers will also be required to attend treasurer training.  

Two E-board members from every registered student organization on campus must attend one of the offered workshops, although attendance is highly encouraged for all E-board positions.  

Clubs and Organizations who do not have representatives that attend one of the required workshops will jeopardize their ability to complete registration.

Officer Transition Workshops

Officer Transition Workshops are designed to provide additional information and support to student organizations that are undergoing a transition in leadership.  These training sessions take place mid-spring semester.  

Spring 2024 officer transition workshops will take place on Friday, April 12th at 4:00 PM and Monday, April 15th at 4:00 PM in Marano Campus Center Room 132.  More information will be sent to officers via Laker Life.

End Of The Year Portfolio

The End of the Year Portfolio is designed to assist student organizations in transitioning from year to year, documenting successes and areas for improvement, and keeping record of important information such as constitution changes, budget requests, social media platforms and more. 

Spring 2024 End of Year Portfolios should be submitted by all student organizations (excluding Greek Orgs and Club Sports) by Friday, May 3rd.