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Masking on Campus

SUNY Oswego is currently operating under a "mask optional" status.*

Based on this guidance from the CDC, the Oswego County Health Department, and the low number of COVID-19 cases in the county and region, SUNY Oswego is currently operating in a "mask optional" status. We continue to remind all members of our university community to remain vigilant regarding COVID-19 safety on our campus and in the community.

*This decision is subject to change at any time depending on evolving metrics and conditions. If infection numbers increase, we may reinstate the mask mandate on campus.

Please Respect Others

Welcoming and accepting those who wear masks on campus is an important part of being a caring and respectful community. It is important to remember that many members of the campus community choose to continue wearing face masks for any number of reasons. 

  • Some people have found that masking reduces allergies. 
  • Other individuals value masking as a way to remain healthy and prevent other respiratory illnesses. 
  • Some may just feel more comfortable wearing a mask. 

In addition, a mask should not be interpreted as a symbol of vaccination status. Individual faculty retain the right to mandate masks in their classroom, and do not need to offer a justification, as discussion of such factors could raise privacy concerns. Reasons could include health concerns of faculty or students in the class, or those who have vulnerable family members. 

Please note that current penalties for violations of the mask mandate will apply to violations of classroom mask mandates and other areas where masks are required.

Information on Masks

Please visit the CDC's Masks page for more information on mask types, usage, care, and other guidelines.