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Health and Well-being

SUNY Oswego is committed to the advancement of well-being for all members of the Laker community. By engaging in opportunities to enhance our physical, social, and emotional well-being, we will be able to pursue healthy, purposeful, and meaningful lives. 

We will commit to providing these opportunities as well as equitable support within our institution's structures, services, and policies. By transforming the holistic health of our current and future Lakers, well-being will become a shared cultural practice across our institution.

The resources within these pages serve as a guide for our campus-wide approach to mental health and well-being. We aim to:

  • Create a supportive learning environment
  • Promote resilience and healthy social relationships
  • Encourage seeking help when needed
  • Recognize those who require assistance
  • Offer medical and mental health care services
  • Provide coordinated emergency response
  • Limit access to methods of self-harm