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Transfer Applicants

Whether you’re coming from a community college, another four-year institution or schooling abroad, we hope to provide maximum value for previously earned credits. Our excellent advisement and support services make it easy to become a Laker!

If you have earned at least 12 credit hours at another college or university, following graduation from high school, we consider you a transfer student. If enrolling with 24 or fewer credits, or no more than two full-time semesters completed, you may apply as an undecided major. All other applicants need to select a major when applying.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible in order to receive the fullest possible consideration.

Apply Now

SUNY Application Common Application 
You can only apply using one application source.

Additional Information

  • If you are applying with the SUNY Application and are graduating or have recently graduated with an AA or AS degree from a SUNY Community College, SUNY will waive your $50 application fee.
  • You’ll be in good company — nearly 30% of SUNY Oswego’s population are transfer students.
  • Excellent academic support and student services help facilitate a seamless transition for our transfer students.
  • Your application will put you into consideration for transfer scholarships!
Transfer Admissions Criteria

While no exact formula for college acceptance exists, we can tell you that your success in coursework as reflected by your cumulative transfer GPA weighs into our decision — but we also look for more in our applicants. We search for students who are doers, makers, leaders and thinkers.

Academic Qualifications
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.3 if you have completed 24+ hours for most majors.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 if you have 24 or fewer hours completed. Additionally, your high school record should reflect evidence of solid performance in core academic areas.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 if you are applying for biology, technology management or zoology.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 if you are applying for any majors leading to an education certification.
Transfer Application Checklist

Step 1. 

Apply Online

Transfer students are advised to use the SUNY Application or Common Application for transfer admission. The application requires a non-refundable $50 fee. If you are applying with the SUNY Application and are graduating or have recently graduated with an AA or AS degree from a SUNY Community College, SUNY will waive your $50 application fee.

Step 2.

Submit Transcripts

Submit all official college or university transcripts (transcripts must be submitted regardless of credits earned). If you’ve completed fewer than 24 credit hours at the time of application, also submit your high school transcript.

Step 3.

Additional Information

Because each transfer student has a unique educational background we may ask for these additional items to be included along with your application:

Midterm Grades

Transfer students currently taking college coursework may be required to submit midterm grades. Midterms can either be submitted through your school’s grade reporting system or by completing the printable SUNY Oswego Midterm Grade Report.

Transfer Application Supplement (Found in Your Applicant Portal)

We require transfer applicants with a gap in their educational history to complete the Transfer Application Supplement found in the Applicant Portal. Be sure to include all activities from the time of high school graduation (including military service) through the term for which you are applying for admission.

Other materials may be requested as needed.

Step 4.

Check Your Application Status

Once your completed application is received, we will send a confirmation email to the email address listed on your application. That email includes a temporary PIN to access the Applicant Portal and establish your password. Once you have set your password you can return at any time using the Applicant Portal. Check the portal often to see what information we’ve received, what is still needed, and any supplemental requests that may follow.

Transfer of Credits

Transfer of Credits

If you’re considering transferring to Oswego, our admissions counselors would be happy to work with you to determine what credits you may transfer from your previous school. Course work completed with a passing grade from regionally accredited institutions (SUNY or Non-SUNY) will transfer to Oswego, as described in the Requirement Guides for Transfer Students. A vast number of course-to-course equivalencies have already been determined for both SUNY and non-SUNY colleges and universities. You can access these equivalencies through the Transfer Course Guide. If you have questions about how your credits will transfer, please contact the Office of Admissions and ask to speak with a transfer counselor. Official degree audits are completed within 1-2 weeks of admission to ensure you have the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Articulation Agreements

SUNY Oswego works closely with numerous partner institutions through articulation agreements. These are agreements that exist between two educational institutions to ensure efficient, effective transfer and guarantee continuous progress in degree completion. Both general and program-specific articulations exist. We offer an online list of the many institutions with which SUNY Oswego has articulation agreements.

Program-to-program articulations aim to provide a smooth transition to parallel programs, minimum time in completing the bachelor’s degree and maximum transfer of credits.

The general articulation agreement allows students completing associate degrees to have particular general education requirements waived. Students who enter under the General Education 21 requirements with an AA, AS, or AAS degree from a SUNY institution that have completed three years of high school level foreign language or 101 level of a foreign language are exempt from any remaining foreign language requirements at SUNY Oswego. Students that don’t fit either of those requirements but have completed an associate’s degree from a SUNY institution are only required to take 101 level of a foreign language at SUNY Oswego. For more information on these requirements, visit our General Education page.

If you are transferring from institutions outside of the SUNY system, SUNY Oswego aims to provide maximum value for previously earned credits with minimum hassles. If you complete a program deemed equivalent to the 30-credit SUNY general education program from any regionally accredited institution, you will be exempt from all remaining SUNY Oswego General Education requirements.

Acceptance of transfer credits from non-accredited institutions is indefinite until successful completion of one full-time semester at Oswego, after which time approval or refusal of equivalency credits, will be determined by the Registrar upon consultation with the major department.

For more information on the transfer process, contact the Office of Admissions at 315.312.2250 or email one of our transfer counselors at [email protected].

Transfer FAQs

How do I get my transfer credits evaluated?
You will be provided an official credit evaluation after acceptance to the college. You may self-explore our Transfer Guide to see how your credits may transfer. You may also request an unofficial credit evaluation at any point in the college process. Simply provide a transcript of all previous colleges attended. Forward this, along with your intended major, to the Office of Admissions (229 Sheldon Hall, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126; 315-312-2250; [email protected]) and ask for an evaluation of transfer credits.

How many of my credits will transfer to Oswego?
Several factors will affect the transfer of credit including where the coursework was completed, the grades received, and the intended major at Oswego. The maximum number of credits that can be applied from a two-year or four-year institution is 90. It is our recommendation that prospective students request a credit evaluation from the Office of Admissions.

Are scholarships offered to transfer students?
Yes! Read about our Transfer Scholarships!

Do you accept CLEP, Advanced Placement, Military and Life Experience credits?
Oswego will accept College-Level Examination Placement (CLEP), Advanced Placement, IB and Military credit. To receive credit for AP, IB, and CLEP, a student must provide an official transcript. To determine specific scores necessary consult the Oswego Proficiency Examination Program or contact the Office of Admissions (315-312-2250). Military credit should also be transcripted and sent to the Office of Admissions for review. Oswego does not grant life experience credit, however, significant non-academic experiences and training may qualify for credit via Prior Learning Assessment.

What are the SUNY General Education requirements for transfers coming to Oswego?
All transfer students are expected to satisfy 33 credits of general education. There are two different methods of completing these credits. Students may complete the 33 credits listed under SUNY Oswego’s General Education program, what we call GE 21. Oftentimes, courses that are transferred from previously attended institutions are used to fulfill some of those General Educations listed under GE 21. For example, common courses that are transferred are Writing, American History, Natural Science, Fine Arts, or Social Sciences.

In other cases, some students transfer to Oswego after they have completed the 33 credit SUNY General Education Requirement (SUNY-GER, July 2010) or the equivalency from a previous institution(s). In those situations, they are exempt from all of Oswego’s specific general education requirements. In order for the SUNY-GER to be considered satisfied, all requirements must have been met by the time the student’s first semester begins at Oswego. For information on SUNY GER, visit

Detailed information is available on the General Education website.

Does SUNY Oswego offer EOP, HEOP, College Discovery, SEEK or similar programs for transfer students?
If you were enrolled in EOP, HEOP, College Discovery, SEEK or similar type program at a previous institution, you are eligible for EOP at SUNY Oswego. The admissions office will verify your status with your prior college. If you’ve attended an institution that does not offer EOP or similar programs, contact the Office of Admissions regarding eligibility requirements.

When do I register for classes?
During your scheduled transfer student orientation program, you will meet with a faculty advisor and register for your upcoming semester classes. At the conclusion of your program, you will have a semester schedule.

When do I meet with my academic advisor?
Transfer students have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor within their major department during the orientation program; however, he/she may not be your assigned academic advisor for the academic year. Once classes begin, transfer students are asked to connect with the department of their major who will assign their permanent advisor.

Where do I find my graduation requirements?
General graduation requirements can be found in the college’s academic catalog or online. Requirements for majors and minors can be found in the college catalog or by going to the Web page for the respective majors and minors. Specific graduation requirements should be discussed with your advisor.

Where will I live?
SUNY Oswego offers 10 residential communities and a townhouse village, many catering to different interests. Each residential community is connected to, or in close proximity to a dining center for greater convenience. For more information about living on campus, visit Living at Oswego.

What forms do I need to fill out for financial aid?
Transfer students will typically be required to complete the FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) and NYS TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) applications for financial aid consideration. Priority dates are March 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester. Most students will have already filed these applications with their current schools and only need to have the processing centers add SUNY Oswego as the new school of attendance. For more information on paying for college, visit our financial aid site.

Does SUNY Oswego offer health insurance for students?
Yes, the college offers a basic accident and sickness health insurance policy for students. The fee will appear on each full-time undergraduate and graduate student’s tuition bill. Part-time students are also eligible to purchase this health insurance. Students who have insurance through a parent, spouse, employment or any other source must fill out a waiver that is sent with the tuition bill or is available from Student Accounts to have the fee removed from their bill.

Are there health services on campus?
Health Services is a nationally accredited primary-care clinic on campus that is open 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday. Sick students may have walk-in appointments until 10:30 a.m. or call 315-312-4100 for an appointment. There is no cost at the time of the visit and most medications are dispensed from the Health Center dispensary. The mandatory health fee paid each semester covers the cost of care.

Am I required to have immunizations?
The latest vaccine requirements may be found on the Health Services Immunization Information page. A transfer student may get a copy of their vaccine information from their most recently attended college or from their doctor.

Does SUNY Oswego provide child care?
The Children’s Center of Oswego, Inc. is a NAEYC-accredited child-care center on campus that serves children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years. Fees are based on a sliding scale based on household income. There is often a waiting list. For more information, contact the center at 315-312-2587.

What should I do if I am a veteran?
The Office of Veteran and Military Services at SUNY Oswego is here to serve those who have served their country. The office can offer information concerning VA Educational Benefits, DVA Benefits, referrals and work-study programs. Visit 337 Sheldon Hall or call us at 315-312-2270.

How do I know if the courses I took at another SUNY school will satisfy General Education requirements?
You can access SUNY’s list of approved General Education courses for your campus to see which courses there will meet GenEd requirements at Oswego.

What information is available regarding campus safety?
The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Act (originally known as the Campus Security Act) requires colleges and universities to disclose information about crime on and around their campuses. SUNY Oswego’s yearly report can be found on our University Police page.

How do I meet people and get involved on campus?
There are many ways to get involved on campus and meet people while you are attending SUNY Oswego. Whether you are a commuter or a residential student, there are many ways to be an active member of the campus community.

If you live in a residential community you can become involved in hall council and the variety of programs and involvement opportunities that are afforded to you by residence life staff in your hall.

The Point, home of student organization services, offers a directory of student clubs and organizations in Laker Life in such categories as:

  • Academic
  • Arts: appreciation, expression and performance
  • Club sports
  • Community service
  • Cultural
  • Governance
  • Greek life
  • Media and publications
  • Religious
  • Special interest

The Point’s page offers additional involvement information, including events where you can meet representatives of campus organizations and the Student Involvement Awards which recognize and reward the accomplishments of students and their organizations each spring.

You can also look for opportunities to get involved by simply visiting the News and Events page, which offers any number of activities that may pique your interest.

Your time at SUNY Oswego is what you make of it, and by becoming involved you can enjoy the entire Oswego experience.

headshot of student Jamie Huveldt

Transferring to Oswego felt right for a number of different reasons, but my number one reason was that I could build a larger network for myself.

headshot of student Jolie Santiago

My biggest piece of advice to anyone coming in is to really take advantage of all of the opportunities that SUNY Oswego has to offer.

headshot of Paul Lomanto

I wanted to be involved in Rich N’ Pour because as a transfer student I was late to the party already. I thought this experience would not only give me real-world business experience, but help me get up to speed with the culture and meet people...

headshot of student Emma Deloff

I continued my story at Oswego because it was close to home, it was affordable and I was in an environment that was new but close enough to home that it wasn't scary.

headshot of Viviana Vanderstouw

I'm passionate about being a fine arts major because it has given me the skills that I need to see the individual that I am and put myself in the extension of my art.

headshot from Adonis Moralas

I transferred to Oswego because I live in Fulton, NY, and I feel like here in Oswego it's a bigger campus where you can have more opportunities than the community college.