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Policies and Procedures

Academic Policy and Procedures

The graduate catalog is the official record of institutional academic policy relating to graduate students and programs. The catalog contains up-to-date information about institutional officers, program requirements, and academic procedures and regulations such as academic standing, course withdrawal, grade changes, off-campus transfer credit and more. 


Some departments and programs also have handbooks that describe academic expectations and procedures. Please request these materials directly from the program/department.

MyOswego: Student Record and Registration

MyOswego is a student portal that allows you to view and items related to your student record including address and phone number, emergency contact, registration, apply for graduation, and order your transcript.

Registration procedures including searching, adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses occur in the Registration tab in MyOswego. See the Registrar's Registration page for tutorials, tips and tricks related to registration

Graduate Student Deposit

A $250 tuition deposit is required to reserve your place at SUNY Oswego. We encourage you to pay this deposit within one month of receiving your letter of acceptance. This deposit will be applied toward your first semester bill.

Degreeworks: Degree Audit

Degreeworks is a degree audit tool that allows you to track your progress towards graduation including degree requirements that you've met and still need to meet. You can access Degreeworks from within MyOswego.  You can apply for graduation and candidacy (if your program requires it) from within DegreeWorks.

Procedures That Require Forms

If the task you need to complete cannot be done in MyOswego, the next place to look is the Registrar's Forms page or the Registrar's Faculty and Staff Resources. This pages include information about legal name changes, adding independent studies, FERPA forms, etc.

Graduate Level Transfer Credit

Students seeking to transfer graduate level credit into their certificate or degree program should consult with their advisor. Advisors complete the Graduate Level Transfer Credit form on the student's behalf to initiate the approval process. Please refer to Transfer of Graduate Credit Policy in the Graduate Catalog for details about what can be transferred.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

The Student Handbook outlines the rights and responsibilities of students. This includes the behavioral expectations of all students and the procedures that will be followed if the code of conduct is violated. In the handbook you'll find the procedures and resources available to you if you've been mistreated, abused or discriminated against. Additionally you'll also see the policies and procedures related to hosting a campus event.

VISIT Student Handbook