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Frequently Asked Questions for Textbooks

Main Store Contact Information
Tel.: (315) 312-2261
Fax: (315) 312-5754
[email protected]

Store Director
Susan Raby
(315) 312-2261
[email protected]

Textbook Manager
Paul DiVita
(315) 312-2898
[email protected]

Textbook Department
(315) 312-2897

Campus Center Store
(315) 312-5900

Supplies Department
(315) 312-2899

Computer Department
(315) 312-2849
[email protected]

Shipping Department
(315) 312-2905

Oswego State Downtown Store
(315) 216-4985
[email protected]

Copy Center
(315) 312-2261
[email protected]

College Cut
(315) 312-KLIP

Returns and Refunds


Please check with an employee of The College Stores before bringing any items you wish to return into the store. The receipt must accompany all returns. Members of The College Stores staff are the final decision makers on all returns. Absolutely no returns or exchanges without a receipt.

Refunds will be made in full using the following parameters:

  • Books sold as new books are to be returned in the same condition. This includes no markings of any kind in the book, no stains, no binding or cover damage and intact, sealed shrink-wrap if applicable.
  • Book returns may only be made through the date printed on the bottom of your receipt or posted around the book aisles. The general return time is the first 10 days after the first day of classes, but this is subject to change each semester.
  • Clothing should have all tags attached to the garment for return and should not be worn or washed.
  • Computers, computer supplies, MP3 players, software, mat board, art paper, and special orders are not refundable
  • Delivery fees are not refundable


Refunds are made corresponding to the way in which the original purchase was paid.

  • Cash Sale/Cash Refund
  • Check Sale/Cash Refund After 7 Days
  • Credit Card/Credit Issued to Same Credit Card
  • Student ID Card/Credit Issued to Student ID Card