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Our department boasts an active and engaged undergraduate research program. Students gain invaluable experience conducting independent research, analyzing data, and presenting their findings at conferences and Oswego's QUEST. The skills acquired through research lead to successful graduate and professional careers where critical thinking, analytical skills, and the application of theory to practice are necessary. 

Faculty Research Projects

Hominoid origins in a unique paleocommunity: Topernawi Research Project (2021 - present)

Faculty project: Patricia Princehouse

Student research assistant: TBD

Funded by: National Science Foundation

Media-induced Linguistic Innovations in Chinese Address Terms: 女博士, female PhD. (2022 - present)

Faculty project: Jing Lei

Student research assistant: TBD


The Planner's Craft (Zambia) (2020-present)

Faculty project: Rebecca Peters

Student research assistants: Max Cameron '21, Kaleigh Quimby '23

Funded by: Franklin Grant from the American Philosophical Society

Long-term Market Development in Veracruz, Mexico (2023 - present)

Faculty project: Alanna Ossa 

Funded by: SUNY Early Start Grant Program, National Science Foundation (Sauce Archaeological Project funding)

Student Research Assistants: Max Cameron '21, Bryan Baez '19, TBD

Student Research Projects

Anthropology CAPSTONE

As part of our major's program of study, our students design their own original research project in a unique two-series course plan, Research Methods and CAPSTONE. Students propose an original project in any of the four subdisciplines (sociocultural, archaeology, biological, or linguistic), and complete a professional research grant during our Research Methods course. In the following CAPSTONE course, they carry out their research project, write a thesis based on their findings, and present their results at Oswego's own undergraduate research symposium QUEST.  


The Saraydar Undergraduate Research Grant

Designed to support undergraduate student research in the fields of archaeology and biological anthropology. This grant supports and encourages independent undergraduate research activity in anthropology and is open to SUNY Oswego Anthropology majors and minors, who are in their third, or junior, year of study. To apply, see "Student Grants."


Anthropology Department
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