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Our department boasts an active and engaged undergraduate research program. Students gain invaluable experience conducting research, analyzing data, and presenting their findings. The skills acquired through research lead to successful graduate and professional careers where critical thinking, analytical skills, and the application of theory to practice are necessary.

Current Projects

Skeletal Tissue Project: Procurement, Processing, and Analysis of Pathological Remains to Build a Teaching Collection

Faculty project: Kathleen Blake
Student research assistant: Christopher Gomez, SCAC Grant Awardee

Transparency: An Ethnography of a Global Social Value (2017-2020)

Funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation
Faculty project: Lindsay Bell
Student research assistant: Howard Boutelle

Visualizing Canada’s Urban North (2013-2017)

Faculty project: Lindsay Bell
Student research assistants: Kailli Morris '15, Bethany Cole '16
Funded by: Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada

Sauce Archaeological Project (I and II)

Faculty project: Alanna Ossa
Student research assistants: tbd
Funded by: National Science Foundation (SAP I), SUNY Early Start Grant Program (SAP II)


The Saraydar Undergraduate Research Grant

Designed to support undergraduate student research in the fields of archaeology and biological anthropology. This grant supports and encourages independent undergraduate research activity in anthropology and is open to SUNY Oswego Anthropology majors and minors, who are in their third, or junior, year of study. To apply, see "Student Grants."