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Archaeology Field School

Welcome to SUNY Oswego's Archaeology Field School Page!

Our field school curriculum has our students undertake an entire professional project from beginning to end. Students begin with preparation work (often survey or mapping), followed by excavation, analysis, and writing up findings, with excavation and analysis making up the majority of class time. This level of professional training goes in-depth and well beyond in-class labs and practicum to prepare students for professional work in historic preservation and archaeology by active participation in a real project.

Oswego's Archaeology Field School is an accredited field school listed under ANT 380 in the course catalog, and taken as 6 credits. A 6 credit field school is listed as a basic requirement under knowledge, skills, and abilities in job descriptions for federal, state, or private contract jobs in cultural resource management, historic preservation, and the National Park Service.  

Field School Facts:

  • A 6 credit field school is an important requirement for jobs in archaeology, historic preservation, environmental clearance, and cultural resource management.

  • We offer our field school every other year (beginning in Summer 2022) in CNY focused particularly on historic archaeology and the 19th century. We partner with the Oswego County Historical Society and other local resources like the Richardson Bates House Museum to forward community historic preservation goals.

  • SUNY Oswego students get priority enrollment, but all are welcome to apply and register for the field school. 

  • SUNY Oswego's field school has no attached extra fees (in contrast to most), with all of the equipment funded by a generous grant from the Shineman Foundation. 

  • We only charge tuition for the 6 credits (jobs require the official credits on student transcripts) for Oswego's rate for the year of the field school.

  • To join Oswego's 2024 Archaeology Field school at the Van Buren Inn and Tavern (19th century), click here. See links below for more information about 2024 field school and our previous 2022 season.

JOIN us for the 2024 Archaeology Field School at the Van Buren Inn and Tavern in CNY!

Richardson Bates House Historic Preservation Field School 2022 Season