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In a world, where everything is becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, an anthropology minor would be an excellent complement to several majors, especially in criminal justice, biological science, history, zoology, geosciences, earth science and business. Anthropology is a strong minor for those pursuing law, medicine, and health sciences. 

Anthropology Minor

Biocultural Anthropology

The Biocultural Anthropology minor reflects an integrative approach to the inter-related nature of human lives. Students will explore how our evolutionary past is influenced by our social and technological lives, and how this fundamental intertwining affects our modern human variation. By utilizing the holistic nature of Anthropology, these courses integrate biology, sociocultural, and ecological concepts and theories to better understand the world today.

Students in this minor are better prepared for the challenges in a variety of fields, including public health, medicine, nutrition, conservation and sustainability programs, psychology, sociology, ecology and more. Complementary majors and minors for the biocultural minor include, but are not limited to, anthropology, biochemistry, biology, health and wellness, human development, nutrition, psychology, sustainability studies, wellness management and zoology.

Biocultural Anthropology minor

Native American Studies

The Native American Studies minor provides a solid foundation in the areas of Native American culture, history, literature and contemporary issues and is sufficiently flexible to accommodate the specific interests of each student. The 24-semester-hour minor is taught by faculty with specific academic training in Native American studies and is especially recommended for students who are considering pursuing Native issues in graduate school and for education majors who plan to teach the New York State curriculum on Native Americans.

Native American Studies minor


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