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Advising at Oswego

Our Academic Advisors help guide students through the process of choosing appropriate courses, but it's the student's responsibility to know and monitor their graduation requirements and progress toward graduation through DegreeWorks. Students are expected to maintain regular contact with their advisor throughout the semester.

Advisors will:

  • Discuss major and career options
  • Assist in course planning, selection, and scheduling
  • Help you navigate college policies, procedures, and requirements
  • Help you stay on track to graduate
  • Provide strategies for time management and studying
  • Connect you with learning services and extra-curricular activities

Advisement Process

Advisement Tools


Degreeworks is an advisement planning tool to help students stay on track for graduation. In addition to reports that check on your academic progress, Degreeworks allows students and advisors to see what degree requirements have been filled and what needs to be completed.

Using Degreeworks


We believe a campus community engaged with our students will lead to their success. We use the Starfish Early Alert System as a collaborative effort between instructors and advisors to identify students who are at-risk of failing and allow faculty and staff to communicate and track interventions with students.


Frequently Asked Questions