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Advisement Guide Program

The Advisement Guide program groups experienced SUNY Oswego students with incoming freshmen to aid in their transition to SUNY Oswego and enhance their first-year experience. 

Advisement Guides can help students learn the ropes of college life. They provide academic support and link students to campus resources.

Guides are out for summer break! They will be back in the Advisement Center for the Fall 2023 semester.

Advisement Guides can help with:

  • Campus resources
  • Good study habits
  • Time management skills
  • Ways to get involved on campus
  • Campus systems (e.g., Degree Works, myOswego)
  • Course registration
  • Faculty handoff prep

Remember: Advisement Guides are not tutors, counselors, or your advisor, but they can guide you to the campus resources that will provide any additional support that you may need!

Advisement Guide Application Timeline