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Spring 2024 Workshop Schedule 

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*Persons with disabilities needing accommodations to attend these events should contact [email protected] one week before the event.

Effective Learning Strategies

Are you putting in hours and hours of studying, but not getting the desired results? Learn how to use self-quizzing strategies, rather than relying on rereading your notes. Plus, we'll discuss why spacing out your studying is key to effective studying.

  • Mon 2/12 @ 3 pm at Penfield 215

  • Tues 2/27 @ 5:30 pm on Zoom

  • Wed 3/20 @ 3 pm at Penfield 215

  • Thurs 4/25 @ 2:30 pm at Penfield 215

Time Management

Discover Apps and tips for keeping track of all the important items, from classes to what's due. Strategies to combat procrastination will also be discussed.

  • Thurs 2/1 @ 2:30 pm at Penfield 215

  • Wed 2/14 @ 5 pm on Zoom

  • Mon 2/26 @ 3 pm at Penfield 215

  • Tues 3/26 @ 2:30 pm at Penfield 215

Adopting a Growth Mindset

Do you have a fixed mindset that might be stalling your growth and success? Learn how embracing a growth mindset can help you face learning and challenges through a new lens.

  • Mon 2/19 @ 3 pm at Penfield 215

  • Wed 3/6 @ 5 pm on Zoom

  • Tues 3/19 @ 2:30 pm at Penfield 111

  • Wed 4/10 @5:30 pm on Zoom

Communicating with Professors & Professional Staff

Explore tips and the essential components for sending professional emails to instructors. Discover what professor office hours are all about and how to use them to enhance your learning.

  • Tues 2/6 @ 2:30 pm at Penfield 215 

  • Thurs 3/7 @ 2:30 pm on Zoom

  • Mon 4/15 @ 3 pm at Penfield 215 

Recorded Workshops

If you are watching a recorded video to satisfy a requirement for Academic Probation or another requirement, please complete the assessment form that corresponds with the respective video. When completing the form, you have the option to receive a copy of your responses and can forward your answers to the applicable advisor/instructor. This information is also added to Starfish and is viewable to advisors/instructors.