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Oswego Guarantee

We want you to earn your bachelor’s degree at Oswego, and we are committed to partnering with you to achieve this goal. Therefore, we make you the following guarantees.

Stable Costs

We guarantee that the cost of on-campus housing and meal plans will increase no more than 5% each year. As you and your family plan for college, this means a major portion of the cost of a residential education will remain affordable and predictable.

Housing dining 

Guaranteed On-Campus Housing

We guarantee the availability of on-campus housing on the Oswego campus for all full-time undergraduate students until they graduate. While all full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus, as directed by the University Housing Policy, this guarantee allows students to have reliable and dependable housing beyond that requirement. This is incredibly valuable given that national research indicates that living on-campus benefits students by offering them an affordable housing option that provides students with crucial connections to campus resources, supports their successful transition to the university, and offers engagement opportunities that complement classroom learning.

Access To The Courses You Need

We guarantee that the necessary classes will be available to complete a baccalaureate degree in four consecutive academic years of full-time study. Students must initially enroll as a full-time, first-year student in your declared major in the term you are admitted. You must make the required meetings with your academic advisor during your four years to ensure you are on track to graduate on time. If you meet these expectations and cannot graduate after four years because of course unavailability, we will enroll you in the remaining course or courses necessary to meet graduation requirements tuition-free.

Our Programs

Networks That Matter

We guarantee an alumni mentor for every student who desires one. Students who sign up will be assigned a mentor who will share experiences and tips, listen to your questions and concerns, and be a source of guidance as you move through your college experience and into your professional career.

Alumni-Sharing-Knowledge Program

Individual Attention

We guarantee the continued availability of small classes because we believe that small classes offer the greatest opportunity for discussion and interaction between faculty and students. 

More Class Facts


For additional information about the Oswego Guarantee, please contact the Admissions Office at 315-312-2250 or [email protected].