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Schedule Exam Accommodations

Exam and quiz accommodations, ranging from extended test time to alternate test locations, are available for students registered with Accessibility Resources.

Scheduling Guidelines

  • Schedule your exam at least 3 working days in advance (Requests for Monday exams should be submitted by the previous Thursday)
  • You are expected to take your exam at the same time as the class unless there is a time conflict. If there is a schedule conflict, it is the student's responsibility to arrange an agreeable time with your professor. Accessibility Resources will not change exam times unless it has been verified and accepted by your professors.
  • Final exams are scheduled through a different process.

You may also schedule your exam and quiz accommodations by calling us at 315-312-3358, email us at [email protected] or stopping by our office during our hours in 155 Marano Campus Center.

When signing up, provide the following information:

  • Your name 
  • Course name, number and section number (ex. PSY 100, Section 800)
  • Course professor
  • Day and time of your class
  • Day and time of your test
  • Your accommodations

Before your Exam or Quiz

  • Remind your professor the class prior to your assessment that you will be taking your exam at Accessibility Resources.
  • You should arrive at Accessibility Resources ten minutes before the time of your assessment.
  • There are phone chargers available to charge your phone during your assessment.