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the front of Hart Hall

Graduate Student Housing

View unique on-campus living options available for Graduate Students enrolled at SUNY Oswego.

The Village Townhouses

Overlooking Glimmerglass Lagoon, The Village comprises 68 townhouse-style apartments for upper-class students. The Village offers a more independent living experience while enjoying the convenience of on-campus amenities.

Features include:

  • Single bedrooms
  • Full kitchen with oven/range, full-size refrigerator(s), sink, dishwasher
  • Bathrooms: 3-story units have 2 full bathrooms, 2 and 1 story units have 1 full bathroom
  • Bedrooms feature a full-size bed, desk with desk chair, and armoire
  • Common living area


Hart Hall Apartments

Hart Hall is conveniently located in the center of campus, close to many academic buildings and is connected to Cooper Dining Hall and Cooper Fitness Center. One bedroom apartment units are available to our Graduate Students at SUNY Oswego.

Features include:

  • One bedroom apartment
  • Full kitchen with oven/range, full-size refrigerator(s), sink, kitchen table and chair(s)
  • Private bathroom
  • Bedrooms feature a full-size bed, end table, and armoire


Housing Application Process

Housing Assignments for the Fall semester will be available through the MyHousing portal by mid-June. Housing Assignments for the Spring semester will be available by approximately mid-January. Once you’ve received your housing assignment, you can start to make plans to move in. If certain criteria are met, you may request an exemption from the University Housing Policy.

The Student Housing application is required and includes the opportunity to show interest in our Living Learning Communities and/or roommates. You can access the application within 48 hours of paying your admissions deposit. 

Before beginning the housing application, follow the instructions in your offer of acceptance from SUNY Oswego and the new student checklist on the admissions application portal. Activate your SUNY Oswego email account and Laker Net ID at Laker NetID Activation.

MyHousing portal

Complete the Student Housing Application.
  1. Login to the MyHousing portal.
  2. Select ‘Applications, Agreements, and Forms.’ 
  3. Select 'Student Housing Application.'
Read and sign the Housing and Dining License.
  1. To agree to the terms of the License, provide your electronic signature in the box at the bottom of the page. The License is a binding agreement for the full 2023-24 academic year. 
  2. Select 'Continue.'
Answer the application questions.
  1. Select the appropriate answer to each of the required applications questions. 
  2. Select ‘Continue.’
Select an LLC or Gender-inclusive option.
  1. Indicate any interest in a Living Learning Community (LLC) or gender-inclusive housing on your application. 
  2. Select 'Continue.' A confirmation page will appear, notifying you that your New Student Housing Application has been submitted. 
  3. If you said yes to either interest in an LLC or gender-inclusive housing, return to the MyHousing portal to complete the appropriate agreements.
  4. Students who do not complete the agreement may be reassigned to other housing. Please note that we do our very best to honor your living interests; however, we cannot guarantee our ability to do so.
Submit a roommate request.
  1. Once the Housing Application is completed, return to the MyHousing portal main menu and select 'Room Selection.' 
  2. Go to 'Select Roommates' from the menu, select the Term, and search for your mate using the search field (first and last name). 
  3. New students will be able to request and confirm mates between March 1 and June 10.
  4. Only students who have completed the New Student Housing Application will be able to request or be requested as mates. Please note that mate-matching must be mutual to form a fully matched group. If your requested mate does not request you as their mate, you will not be assigned a room together.
  5. You will not be able to match with mates once you or your mate has been assigned to a room.

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