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Community Resources

SUNY Oswego and the Office of Workforce Innovation and External Relations (OWIER) are deeply committed to serving the greater Central New York community, fostering partnerships, and driving positive change. Through initiatives ranging from collaborative projects with local stakeholders to lifelong-learning opportunities, SUNY Oswego demonstrates its unwavering dedication to the well-being and prosperity of our community members.

Campus-City Relations Committee Photojournalism Project

An annual photojournalism project launched in 2023 by the City of Oswego’s and SUNY Oswego’s shared Campus-City Relations Committee to showcase through SUNY Oswego student photographers and English Honor Society members’ work, the many SUNY Oswego students and alumni interning and working in City of Oswego businesses. 

Learn More About the Photojournalism Project

Oswego County Micron Strategy Steering Committee

Formed in 2023, the Micron Strategy Steering Committee brings together community members and local leaders from Oswego and Onondaga counties. The purpose is to discuss and plan for Oswego County's role in contributing to and benefitting from the success of Micron and all related industries.  

Learn About the Committee's Work 

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program of Oswego County

Part of AmeriCorps Seniors, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) launched in Oswego County in 1973 and has been part of SUNY Oswego since. Volunteers aged 55+ serve at area nonprofits and local organizations, helping to enrich services, expand community impact, and promote program awareness.

Learn About RSVP of Oswego County

Extended Learning

Year-round enrichment programs and life-long learning opportunities are available for community members, starting as early as age five. SUNY Oswego's Division of Extended Learning offers youth camps, microcredential programs, online degrees, a variety of professional development opportunities, and more. 

Learn About Extended Learning Programs

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