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Impact Scholars Program

The Impact Scholars program supports students’ commitment to and capacity for sustained, informed, and deliberate community engagement.

This program is best suited for those students who have developed an idea with a faculty member or community partner.  


  • Must be accepted into/applying for any graduate program at SUNY Oswego.
  • 1 letter of support from a faculty sponsor.
  • 1 letter of endorsement from community partner.
  • 500-word proposal explaining the project that will make a significant community impact and how the experience will help advance career goals. The proposal should include the following components:
    • project goals/objectives that identifies community need
    • specific plan and its connection to your field of study
    • measurement/assessment of the plan (How will we know it is successful?)
    • timeline for implementation
    • this statement: “In the event I am granted this award, I agree to complete the proposed project, present my findings in a public forum, and submit a final report to graduate studies.”

Scholars will commit to:

  1. work in collaboration with community partners and a faculty sponsor to engage in a proposed project that addresses a community need
  2. design and implement a plan to learn and apply their coursework to address the need
  3. measure and understand the impact of their community engaged work
  4. identify and execute presentations of how their findings can help members of our community to better understand and navigate the world around them

Amount: $2500–$3000
Recipient: 1-2
Deadline: March 1

Note: Choose "Graduate Scholarship" as your new application