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Diversity Graduate Fellowship Program

The Diversity Graduate Fellowship Program supports full-time graduate students who are a part of the diverse student body at SUNY Oswego. The program seeks to support those who can demonstrate they have overcome a disadvantage or other impediment to succeed in higher education.

First established in 1987 through The State University of New York, the Diversity Graduate Fellowship Program selects an average of seven unique graduate students each year at SUNY Oswego for fellowships. These students are eligible for an award which includes an annual stipend, in addition to fully-paid tuition for full-time study. The amount of the stipend varies depending on the number of awards, but is usually around $5,000.

To be eligible for the Diversity Graduate Fellowship Program at SUNY Oswego you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a United States citizen or have current status as a permanent resident.
  • You must be accepted for full-time graduate study at SUNY Oswego.
  • You must include a nomination to the Diversity Graduate Fellowship Program by a faculty member or the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Your application must demonstrate how you will contribute to the diversity of the student body in the program for which you are applying. Contributions may include having overcome an economic disadvantage or other non-monetary disadvantage or impediment to succeed in higher education.

Deadline: March 1