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Student Information: Internships & Co-ops

Get Ready:

  • Meet with your advisor to ensure you meet all eligibility requirements (including academic standing, major/program, prerequisites, and restrictions).

  • Plan what term you want to do an experience. You must register the internship or co-op before it begins. 

  • Search for an experience - Utilize Handshake and the options below for help with this.

Get Registered:

SUMMER 2024 is Now Closed. 

Internship hours cannot begin until you are registered. Please read carefully:

  • Complete the Prior Felony Questionnaire in MyOswego (more information can be found on the Prior Felony Convictions Policy webpage).
  • Have your site submit the Site Verification Form. Wait for email confirmation from EXCEL that it has been received and approved (expect to wait up to a week for this).
  • Secure a Faculty Sponsor from your major who will give you academic assignments, support the creation of your learning objectives, and grade you for your experience (some departments have a designated Faculty Sponsor).
  • Follow the instructions in the email you received from EXCEL to “Submit an Experience” (your learning agreement) with your SMART Learning Objectives (the full approval process can take multiple weeks to complete, so plan ahead).
  • Once you are registered, you will receive confirmation from EXCEL.  

Make Your Own Copy of the Registration Checklist

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Summer 2024 - CLOSED on 06/24/24

Fall 2024 - Site Verification Forms due no later than 08/19/24.

Winter 2024-25 - Not yet accepting paperwork.

NOTE: Some organizations require a “credit eligibility letter” or some form of site/school agreement. Please ensure this is sent or brought to EXCEL. Our Senior Internship Coordinator, Tina Cooper, is the point of contact for these needs. 

Get Experience:

  • Accumulate the hours required for the number of credits you are earning (outlined in your learning agreement/Handshake "experience").
  • Complete all required academic assignments as seen in your Learning Agreement.
  • Submit a monthly timesheet to EXCEL with your completed internship/co-op hours.
  • Complete the check-in survey in the middle of the semester when EXCEL emails it to you.
  • Complete a self-evaluation survey at the end of the term. The survey is sent to you and your supervisor and you both must complete it.