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Academic assignments must be completed throughout the semester in order to receive academic credit or a passing grade for your Internship or Co-op experience. While there is a minimum number of assignments, the final number is based on the program you are enrolled in and how many credits you'll be receiving. Any additional assignments, their topics, and their due dates will be agreed on with your Faculty Sponsor and added to your learning agreement.

Assignment Overview, Guidelines and Resources

Preparing for your Internship/Co-op:

Each student will be required to write 4-5 well written SMART learning objectives to ensure that each Internship and Co-op provides a student the opportunity to develop and apply skills, theories, and concepts from their courses and degree programs.  Academic Assignments should be based on this concept and help the student reflect on these concepts.

Required Assignments:

Guidelines for the Additional Assignments:

Additional Academic Assignments are assigned by the Faculty Sponsor and based on the number of credits being requested below are a list of options:

Co-op or 1 credit Assign at least ONE additional assignment

2-4 credits Assign at least TWO additional assignments

5-7 credits Assign at least THREE additional assignments

8-10 credits Assign at least FOUR additional assignments

11-12 credits Assign at least FIVE additional assignments

Other Resources: