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Internship/Co-op and Professional Development Funding Opportunities

SUNY Oswego awards has a long history of offering many scholarships and funding opportunities, both merit and need-based to help students pursue higher education.

Below we highlight opportunities from some of our very generous alumni who have donated funds to help SUNY Oswego students specifically pursue their academic and career goals through Internships, Co-ops and other Professional Development.  Application processes and deadlines are outlined below for these specific funding opportunities that are administered through EXCEL and Career Services.

Jake Berg '04 Black Student Union Internship Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Jake Berg ’04 to provide perpetual support for undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need – who are involved in the Black Student Union – and are participating in a credit-bearing internship. SUNY Oswego brought Jake into a host of immersive experiences as well as provided him with the foundation to thrive professionally. He would like to pay that sentiment forward with this fund.

Application and Guidelines

Feinberg Family Professional Fund

The Feinberg Family Fund at SUNY Oswego was originally created in 2003 by Robert Feinberg ’78 and his wife, Robbi. The fund has grown to support SUNY Oswego students seeking professional and academic experiences to further their co-curricular career goals including Internships, Co-ops, and various professional development opportunities. 

Guidelines Application

Steve Levy '87 Broadcasting Summer Internship Fund

This endowed internship fund was established by ESPN broadcaster Steve Levy '87 to support Broadcasting students interested in taking internships to gain professional experience.  The fund will be used to offset the cost of tuition credits and living expenses for Broadcasting students who demonstrate initiative and interest in the field and who would not otherwise be able to afford to take on an internship.

Application and Guidelines

James F. Rogers '76 Internship Fund

James F. Rogers graduated from SUNY Oswego with a BS in Business Administration in 1976 and believes the experience he gained as the Business Development Representative for Columbia Banking in Oswego was a key element in his development and career success.  It helped him win the Outstanding Business Student Award and provided a valuable reference on his resume. He strongly believes in the value of performing work and gaining the related experience in one's career field while still a student. This Internship sponsorship by James is his way to payback to Oswego and pay it forward to current students who have shown their dedication to their studies and to working in a Business career.

Application and Guidelines

Co-op Scholarship

Cooperative Education is a work-integrated learning experience and a mutually beneficial partnership between a student, the institution, and an employer. At SUNY Oswego, Cooperative Education opportunities, Co-ops, are full-time paid, work experiences that are transcripted but do not earn credit or have tuition liability. The Co-op employer designation will appear on the student’s transcript. Employers offer college students opportunities for Co-op positions for many majors and are available throughout the academic calendar year.   

First-year students entering SUNY Oswego in the fall term, with a desire to participate in a paid, full-time, long-term (12-26 weeks) employment opportunity, can apply for a renewable $6,000 Co-op Scholarship (up to $24,000 for four years).  

Co-op Scholarship Information

Other Funding Opportunities

Other campus-wide scholarships and funds can be found under Scholarships on the Financial Aid website or through the Alumni and Development page where donors can also consider making a donation for future SUNY Oswego students.

Eric Chen - Photo - James F. Rogers Recipient

My experience as a tax intern at Dermody, Burke, and Brown CPA has allowed me to further kickstart my career in the field of Accounting. I would like to thank the James F. Rogers '76 Internship Fund for making this all possible, and I hope that I will be able to support students at SUNY Oswego one day with kickstarting their careers too!

Melanie Higgins - Feinberg Family Fund Recipient

Since I have been here at News 8 in Rochester, I have been able to write for the newscast, shadow producers in the control room during the newscast, and shadow reporters on scene. I now fully understand the ins-and-outs of this business, what it’s like behind the scenes, how to properly work cameras, and write concisely.

Chyenne Tiller - Feinberg Family Fund

Thanks to this internship I was able to understand more about project management and its importance in many different fields. I now know that project management can be applied in industries like construction, finance, energy, food and hospitality, healthcare, and many others. I plan to use this experience to help me develop a career in project management.

Thomas Chimber - Steve Levy '87 Broadcasting Summer Internship Recipient

After completing my internship, I was able to fulfill one of my important career goals of learning to edit more professionally. By utilizing the many editing softwares at the studio over the course of the summer and receiving advice from media professionals, I have learned to edit much more proficiently which will help me excel in my industry post graduation. This wonderful gift allowed me to pursue my degree further as I get ready to graduate.

Jose Gomez - Feinberg Family Fund Recipient

Doing an internship for the Albany FireWolves went above and beyond my expectations. I learned so much about the media, public and community relations side of a professional sports team and how to be able to design posts. I was able to pick up new techniques and skills.

Kayli Wright - James F. Rogers Recipient

Over the past year, a majority of my college education has been through a computer screen. With the help of this scholarship and internship, I was able to meet a variety of incredible individuals. All of which have helped grow my passion to learn, grow, and improve skills that will last a lifetime long beyond my internship or future career.

Courtney Abbe - Feinberg Family Fund Recipient

Completing an internship at American High Studios was invaluable for me as a creative major. Thanks to the Feinberg Family, I was able to get this experience onto my resume which will set me apart as a newcomer in the industry.

Micah Audycki - Feinberg Family Fund Recipient

My goal in life is to make meaningful connections with people, the position of Promotions Intern for SUNY Oswego Career Services has granted me the opportunity to do just that. I learned how to tailor my artwork and my designs to encourage interaction with any given audience. Working on promoting Career Services was so beneficial to me because in every facet of my experience I was able to learn from the people around me.