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Resources and Opportunities


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At SUNY Oswego, you will find many resources available to ensure your academic, social, emotional, and financial needs are met.  Below is a list of resources and opportunities offered throughout the academic year.  For more information, please contact the EOP office via email at [email protected] or phone 315-312-3094.


Academic Support Services

Academic Workshops

Success workshops sponsored by EOP and other support services are offered throughout the academic year.  Topics such as time management, study skills, essay writing, and reading and notetaking are held throughout the semester in person or through zoom.  

Laptop and Calculator Loan Program - Free

To ensure students have access to the necessary technology to support their academic studies, the EOP office offers a free laptop and calculator loan program each semester.   Students can visit the EOP office to learn more about the laptops and calculators available.  

Office of Learning Services - Tutoring

The Office of Learning Services provides no-cost, peer-tutoring for all SUNY Oswego students through its three distinct centers.  The STEM Center, Tutoring Center and Writing Center all offer both appointment-based and drop-in tutoring sessions to help you succeed.  Visit the OLS website to review all of the resources they have to offer. 

Additional Resources

Financial Aid Assistance

Throughout the semester, financial aid cousnselors will be available in the EOP office to assist you with any financial aid questions or concerns.  

Let's Talk: Walk-in Brief Counseling

Let's Talk is a Counseling Services outreach program designed to engage students by providing informal drop-in consultations with a counselor one-on-one.  Throughout the semester, a counselor will be available in the EOP office for your convenience.

Oz Concern Navigator

The Oz Concern Navigator is designed to help you find resources on campus based on various concerns. 

Study Abroad Program Deposit Waiver

EOP students who wish to participate in study abroad programs are eligible for a fee waiver for the $250 program deposit at the time of submitting their application.  When your application is ready to be submitted, please email Val Ledford at [email protected] for more information.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Academic Peer Partner/Coach

As an Academic Peer Partner/Coach, you'll play an essential role in championing the academic success of fellow EOP students. Our focus is not that of a traditional tutor, but rather that of an energetic and enthusiastic peer. We guide and empower our fellow EOP students through one-on-one and group meetings, sharing knowledge and expertise to help them navigate the challenges and opportunities of their academic journey.

  • Empowerment and Encouragement: Be the motivator and mentor that your fellow EOP students need. Your enthusiasm and energy will inspire them to reach their full potential.
  • Study Support: Facilitate and encourage regular study sessions in both individual and group settings, helping your fellow students build effective studying and learning habits throughout the academic year.
  • Training and Development: Participate in training programs and activities designed to enhance your partnership skills and your understanding of the unique needs of your fellow EOP students.
  • Resource Facilitation: Serve as a bridge to connect fellow EOP students with the people and resources they need to thrive academically and socially within the Oswego community.
  • Collaboration: Work both independently and as part of a dynamic team of Academic Peer Partners, fostering a supportive community of like-minded individuals dedicated to your fellow students' success.
Emerging Leaders Student Advisory Board

2 representatives from each class year (nominated by APCs - if interested let them know) will advise Joey on the EOP program.

  • Advocate for how students are feeling and come up with possible solutions to concerns
  • Inform students of decisions made in the group
  • Promote events and activities

Students complete an application in September to be selected for this position. Depending on funding, this position may be paid.

  • Ambassadors represent the EOP program at Oswego and provide information that will assist prospective students in deciding whether or not to attend Oswego through workshops, information sessions and calling initiatives.
  • The benefit of this position is to gain leadership, communication, and mentoring skills
Chi Alpha Epsilon

Chi Alpha Epsilon was formed to promote continued high academic standards, foster increased communication among its members, and honor academic excellence of those students admitted to college via developmental program pathways. The involvement of eligible alumni further enables networking for members.

  • Students who hold a 3.0 cumulative GPA for two consecutive full-time semesters after first semester freshman year and who were admitted to the college/university via developmental or Higher Education opportunity type programs are eligible for Membership.
  • Participation in one of the Honor Society’s programs or projects each semester.
  • In addition, members will have the opportunity to form support systems for study groups, elect the chapter’s officers, and participate in Chi Alpha Epsilon’s annual national mtg.

May be used for class credit to provide assistance with any projects the department is working on as it relates to the student's career interests.

Summer Program Peer Leader

Peer Leaders serve to assist in the EOP summer program for incoming freshmen. Applications will be available in Oct. and due at the beginning of February. Interviews will be held in Feb. Those selected for this paid position will attend Friday sessions in the spring (March-May) to begin training/developing the program.

  • Generally 5 weeks in length (1 for training / 4 for the program)
  • Will live on campus for the duration of the program (unless it’s virtual)
  • Will create interactive programs to get students to meet other people in EOP
  • Promote campus resources
  • Promote academic achievement
  • Participate in a community service project / field trip
  • Will be rotating on-call duties in the Residence Hall in case of an emergency