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Seminar Series


  • Kpoti Kitissou: Revenue Contributions And Professional Outcomes For Men’s College Basketball Players (11/3 @ 5PM)
  • Cassandra Carudo: Zooming w/ Alumni (10/20 @ 5:45PM)
  • Mihai Paraschiv: The Effect of Bilateral Labor Agreements on Trade (4/29)
  • Ric Pace: Zooming w/ Alumni (3/22)


  • Zach Allen: Zooming w/ Alumni (11/11)
  • Tyler Barbariantz and Samuel Pascal: Zooming w/ Alumni (10/28)
  • Kpoti Kitissou: Zooming w/ Alumni (3/24)
  • Dylan Gates: Zooming w/ Alumni (4/7)
  • David Wasserman: Zooming w/ Alumni (4/21)


  • Youming Liu: Competition for Exclusivity and Customer Lock-in: Evidence from Copyright Enforcement in China (10/22)
  • Richard DiSalvo: Double Marginalization and the Paths of Natural Gas Gathering Pipelines (04/03)


  • Javad Nosratabadi: Employment, Skill Upgrading, and International Trade: The Case of Sanctions Against Iran (12/06)
  • Craig Benedict: The Sum of Its Parts: Compositional Bias in the Law of One Price (11/15)
  • John Kane: Waymaker for Economics Principles Courses (11/08)
  • Lyudmila Ardan: Impacts of Prenatal Care on Early Childhood Health and Health Care Utilization (10/18)
  • Kpoti Kitissou: Condom, Promiscuity, and HIV Infection: Evidence from Southern Africa (10/11)


  • Richard DiSalvo: The Effects of Drinking Water Contamination on Birth Outcomes: New Estimates from Drinking Water Samples
  • Sun Ki Choi: Do Job Mismatches Affect Wage and Job Turnover Differently by Gender
  • M. Iqbal Ahmed:  Asymmetric Effects of Expectation Shocks When Monetary Policy Regimes Shift: Evidence from Survey Data


  • Chandan K. Jha: Condoning Corruption: Who Votes for Corrupt Political Parties
  • Ranjit Dighe: Bell Bottom Brews: 1970s Origins of the International Craft Beer Revolution
  • Lyudmyla Ardan: The Role of Medicaid Managed Care in the ADHD and Asthma Explosion
  • Kpoti Kitissou: The Impact of an Epidemic: An Analysis of HIV and Early Marriage for Women in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Mihai Paraschiv: The Effect of International Environmental Agreements on Trade: An Industry Level Approach