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Faculty and Staff

headshot of Genevieve Aku Alorbi
Assistant Professor

Genevieve Aku Alorbi

headshot of David Andrews
Alternate Faculty Assembly Representative

David Andrews

Professor (Retired)

Said Atri

Administrative Assistant

Sandra Cotter

headshot of Brian Dempsey
Visiting Assistant Professor

Brian Dempsey

headshot of Ranjit Dighe
Department Chair

Ranjit Dighe

headshot of Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt
Faculty Assembly Chair

Elizabeth Dunne Schmitt

Associate Professor
Advisement Coordinator
Subdivision Committee Representative

Glenn Graham

Emeritus Professor

U Jin Jhun

headshot of John Kane
Applied Mathematical Economics Program Coordinator
Honors Economic Program Advisor
Omicron Delta Epsilon Advisor
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Director

John Kane

121/123 Penfield Library and 426 Mahar Hall
Email [email protected]
headshot of Lawrence Spizman
Emeritus Professor

Lawrence Spizman

Emeritus Professor

Jack Miller

headshot of Mihai Paraschiv
Associate Professor
Coordinator of Languages and International Trade Major
Faculty Assembly and QUEST Representative

Mihai Paraschiv