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After Oswego

The average starting salary for economics majors is among the highest of all new college graduates. With a firm grounding in economic theory and knowledge of the world economy you'll find abundant jobs in the finance, banking and consulting industries. You may even continue your education in economic, law, industrial relations and business administration programs.

Graduate studies 

  • Economics
  • Industrial relations
  • Business administration
  • Law

Other opportunities

  • Bank officer
  • Statistician
  • Actuarian
  • International trade and diplomacy
  • Financial analyst

What our graduates are doing

Shawn Yang '99

U.S. Census Bureau

David Wasserman '97

Equity Analyst
Alliance Capital

Tim Vandenburg '90

Senior Legislative Aide
U.S. Senate -- international trade, taxes, federal budget

Kevin Stephenson '87

Middlebury College

Christopher Smith '79

Senior Vice President + General Manager
CellStar Corporation

Kelly Patrick '98

Financial Analyst
Marine Midland Mortgage

Ric Pace '87

Director of Economics and Statistics

Joseph Morrell '97

Tax Specialist

Maria Millares '87

Export-Import Bank of the United States

KimMarie McGoldrick '88

Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Richmond

Nicole Kinton '96

Actuarial Analyst
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of CNY

Megan Darnell '00

University of Rochester